Michael Jackson: Exposing Jealousy and Secret Black Magic Methods of Hollywood and Power Elite ©

Archangel Michael 777

Dear World

I so had enough of this, so now, let us go straight to listing all methods these satanist and Set worshipping evil People are using, how they attack someone, classical ancient Egyptian BLACK MAGIC Style.

Black Magic was in ancient Egypt only something really horrible, evil, dark, lost People would do, like Set. Like Set, who attacked and murdered Osiris, who attacked Horus physically, magically and more.

Set is their Role Model and all methods they using today in secret, ARE Set´s methods and example they strive “to become like” in their evil and “dark reign”. They literally read his stories and try to imitate it, in modern time. To “rule and be powerful with force and violence”- calling even on Set and his Demons to support their Black Magic Spells attempts.

In all media, society, mainstream movies and documentaries, they NEVER show you any of this and…

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