Direct Revelation from Archangel Michael’s Wife

Dear Hearts

For the first time on this day, I did look up what appears in Google search if you enter “IsIs married Archangel Michael” or “Osiris is Archangel Michael”. I thought, it’s a good idea to look quickly into IF even people have sensed that truth yet.

I did not find much useful or simple stated information. Someone assumed the connection, studying the Orion belt and such. And then of course, you find these typical churchy bs statements, who are of the most root evil that CAUSED the lies in history books, after the Romans invaded Egypt and stole Knowledge, renamed it, and put their own names on it. I call that politics, NOT SPIRITUALITY. These people are like a disease, sorry. They keep harassing actually all kinds of people, as if human beings don’t have a free will. So, naturally, can you believe it, one of these churchy websites even claimed, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL NEVER LAUGHS!

And we don’t even want to BEGIN with how they trash Egypt’s history, to cover up their own traces of evil and lies.

Who that has any tiny bit of knowledge about ANGELS would say such thing? Who gave you the right to teach people about someone’s personality and way of thinking even, if you don’t know the someone?

So, to direct a bit of healing truth against these hillarious lies.

The general admitted knowledge goes somewhat like this:

Adam and Eve were in Paradise and there were several trees. God told them, eat from all trees, just not this one over there. Okay, said Adam and Eve. After, a disguised devil, an “evil snake” came into Garden Eden (Paradise) and played a game with them. The way the story is told, by the way, means between the lines here also, that God allowed the snake into Paradise to harass Adam and Eve, which makes no sense.

Let’s continue.

So, the snake then supposedly went to Eve and lied to her, told her wrong information about what the tree does to her if she ate from it, and basically, seduced her with claiming SHE CAN BECOME LIKE GOD IF SHE EATS FROM IT. (Sounds more like the devil’s secret wish, not Eve’s)

After, Eve went and took an apple from this forbidden tree and seduced Adam to eat from it. For eating a bit from this apple, not even having taken it with his own hands, Eve, not knowing what it does, God was upset at them for not doing exactly what he ordered and kicks them out of home/heaven. Of course, God did not kick them out personally, but Archangel Michael did kick out Adam and Eve, plus the responsible Devil and his followers (as if there is something like devil and followers IN HEAVEN!).

Supposedly, Archangel Michael kept a watching EYE over Adam and Eve, now abandoned on Earth, and taught Adam FARMING. Michael is also described as the Angel who controls Vegetation and Weather and judges the souls. He also is said to have made sure and asked God to grant Adam and Eve to return to Paradise upon their death.


I remember, as a child already, I started asking the same question over and over and nobody could give me any answer back then:

1. Were Adam and Eve in Heaven, in Soul form, like Spirits, or is that story supposed to be physical and on Earth?

2. How come the snake could sneak in and play such games, when God sees and knows all things and obviously, sees all things happening IN HEAVEN?

As I grew older, with additional personal and very inspiring experiences thank God, I had even more questions:

3. If the snake is a bad symbol, how come Pharaos had a Golden Snake on top of their forehead? What does it mean?

4. Why is the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE called like that and what is the difference between this tree and the other, supposedly called TREE OF LIFE or ETERNAL LIFE?

To me, today, it all makes sense, but that is no big deal, because I AM IsIs or have been back then. It is an earthly incarnation of my eternal spirit. I remember it, fully. Besides that, I am in the same situation kind of again, with improvements, with me in physical form and my twin soul/husband passed as in our past life, and interacts with me on all levels like a normal couple, including intercourse. That means, you know who you are being intimate with, you experience things in the private bedroom, you know.

I guarantee you the following information, no bla bla, no fake books or blogs, just simply the truth to set you free.

On Earth, we have been told this above classical story now over and over in the current modern times we live in. But there is an older story, told before on Earth as well. It shows clearly traces of manipulation, editing and plagiarism in the “modern twin soul story” told.

I am talking about Osiris and IsIs, the miracle son Horus sent by God to support his mourning mother and fight evil and jealous Set. Look it up right now, and in no single “illuminati bs stories” you find ANY MENTIONING OR POINTING AT THE KILLER SET. Instead, you find the criminals who fakes history information trashing the victims they plagiarized from, so nobody would look into it. That is what they hope. They still use similar methods today, I saw it with my own eyes in modern times.

Direct same thought like in that Adam and Eve story, with God putting there a TREE OF KNOWLEDGE and then threatening Adam and Eve that if they try to LEARN, they get badly punished. Sounds to me like some delusional Roman emperor thought, not divine and almighty God.

God never said, don’t learn or develop or learn to differentiate between good and evil and so when evil comes, you are dumb and naive and just believe and give into everything. BULLSHIT! God made all this earthly experience for us TO LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL, ITS CONSEQUENCES AND HOPEFULLY, BECOME SOLID IN ONLY GOOD, CONSTRUCTIVE THINKING, FEELING, ACTING AND BE READY FOR THE NEXT LIFE FORM.

Here some simple facts that should make you think:

1. Osiris is described in THOUSANDS of years old writings as the King who taught the people FARMING.

2. Osiris is depicted often as the “Green Man” with the White Crown Hat and FEATHERS around it. The White Crown Hat is a symbolic crown given to Osiris by God after his unjust killing by evil Set. It is the very symbol that portrays him and means that he was promoted as a compensation by God, to become the KING OF HEAVEN/AFTERLIFE. The Judge at the Gate. The One with the PERMISSION FROM GOD to deny or allow entry into Heaven to each soul individually. Still not ringing a bell?

3. In that ancient Story, Set is jealous of the couple and their love and loyalty to each other. He is also jealous of Osiris throne and popularity amongst the people and lies, tricks and kills to try and take his spot.

4. IsIs, Osiris’ wife, was depicted also with OPEN WINGS. There are factually two versions, one earthly version, the other is the “WINGED ISIS”. The whole Angel with Wings idea was stolen by the Romans from Egypt and they made Statues on purpose of only MALE Angels suddenly, oppressed female Angels just like female human beings, and gave the Angels new names, new looks appearing LIKE THEM, roman clothing, armor on and war tools in the hands. White skinned. Blonde. Till this day, they spread stories of Archangel Michael having BLONDE HAIR. Racism is your problem, it does not exist in Heaven nor do you know anything about how the Angles in detail look like. They never show, unless you can be trusted ABSOLUTELY. How many human beings you think are there, who Angels could trust so much?

5. Lucifer, Satan (Set-an), Set, Shaitan, Devil, all of these names used portray the same evil, jealous being. Set was his earthly incarnation, in which he messed up. In ancient Egypt the snake is a SEXUAL SYMBOL. And this Roman Church thing has oppressed WOMEN, and claimed that sexual connecting to another human being or being is a sin, and evil and bad. (Sounds like a thought from Set, jealous wanting the object of his obsession to stop having sex and fun together)

So, you could say the snake is a KUNDALINI symbol for sacred sexual union between soul mates and twin souls. It is the very BRIDGE that connects the male and female parts of the soul, of Adam and Eve.

“DIVIDE AND CONQUER”- does that motto sound familiar? It has been used by England and many other power greedy countries who invaded others. If you divide people, they cannot be a strong group against you and you can control them. That is what they did really to Adam and Eve, they attacked with and for the devil TWIN SOULS.

Osiris is an earthly incarnation. After he got killed, guess what? In modern language we would say, God compensated for Osiris and turned him into the Judge of Souls. Osiris was turned by God into ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. Same job, same personality descriptions, same symbols that can be found all over the World actually. The Obelisk stolen from the Osiris temple in Egypt, placed in front of the VATICAN. The Obelisk in Washington. The Obelisk in France. And even, many American TV Shows, try to watch out for that, show a little detail increasingly that makes me wonder:

Americans placing at their homes, around the fireplace  (Santa Clause?), a small OBELISK on the right corner of the fireplace and a second one, like an ancient Egyptian temple, on the left side. I never saw it live, I only noticed in current American TV Shows.

The Obelisk is a symbol of Osiris’ penis. Why would the Vatican steal something like that, and then EXORCISE A PENIS and place a Christian Cross on top of it? Explain it to me, Pope. I want an answer. Why are these Cardinals of yours plus you as well, wearing clothes in WHITE and RED, imitating Osiris and IsIs colors of the famous Mystery Schools? And how come Santa Clause is wearing  RED AND WHITE TOO? Then you place Osiris’ penis (Obelisks) at American Fireplaces?

I am seriously starting to get very upset over these excessive lies and tricking of the people here who want to live, and do right, and make God proud and experience real love and romance, men AND women. I will not watch much longer how you keep insulting me and my twin soul also and every time I hear a lie, I will throw truth at it. Simple as that. And as long as I have air in my lungs and breathe, I will keep speaking truth against your manipulations of spiritual truth. I love God and nothing you say or do can fool me.

Your IsIs




7 thoughts on “Direct Revelation from Archangel Michael’s Wife

  1. My name is Azarias and I have found my Raphael, except she’s the one who doesn’t see it in herself. I don’t mind. I am going to join the battles this week, but I will go active duty if your husband tells me to. That man feels the pain of God. And I will heal what may come of it.

    I’ve spoken to his manager and I’ve tried reaching out to the other one, but they keep leaving me on “seen.”

    I just want an internship is all. I want his trust. Please let me have it.

  2. Isis…I now understand the NOW and I want you too know that I love you and I share Mikail with you as one of his other wives…we are one in love Aurora

  3. I just decided to check other comments and i saw janet wetter’s reply, pls i hope another wife is not going to be on this list because i have been have revelations alone but i remember nothing.


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