The Mystery Schools of Ancient EGYPT

The School of the Left Eye of Osiris


The School of the Right Eye of IsIs




Real Twin Soul Magic, Secrets of Heaven & Earth to be revealed once again in Time!




3 thoughts on “The Mystery Schools of Ancient EGYPT

  1. Hey, check out my post on Facebook! . . .


    This just now happened! . . .

    And here I received a magazine of erotic origin, from some young boys who knocked and left it at my the door—on St. Valentine’s Day! Meaning this was Eros! (or Cupid). This was also my 16th residence—regarding Tennessee the 16th state?—and, located on Pressley Street (with two s’s) of all places!

    And there were the 14 images of this woman named Kari in particular, who I equated with the Queen of Athens and, the 14 women Gerarai, the attendant followers of the Queen, who celebrated in the worship of Dionysus! (Gerarai / The Fourteen)

    I had also associated the Queen and Dionysus with Isis and Osiris (from what is generally known), the ancient fertility god and goddess of Egypt. Where, after Osiris’ evil brother Set, murdered him and cut him into 14 pieces, Isis restored him by means of his penis! And yes, Dionysus was also a fertility god and, the rites in Athens definitely were a form of phallic worship. I gathered this much at least. And, of course there were the 14 Gerarai that portrayed this! . . .

    While over the past 31 years, albeit more intently over the past year, I wondered if this had anything to do with Elvis Presley, since it was located on Pressley Street? And, it just now occurred to me, maybe he was related to Osiris? And, when I looked it up, there it is! (in relation to Horus at least, Osiris’ son). Wow! . . .🐬

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