TWIN SOUL DUALITY : Earth Dimensions

Lesson for Preparation Part II “TWIN EYE” Mystery Schools, Twin Soul Duality Challenge

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

As you may already know, this Blog is a very spiritual one, and focuses a lot on Information, and I mean, correct and real information about TWIN SOULS.

Twin Souls or Twin Flames or, as we say at Mystery Garden Productions, “Twin Eyes”, are WHAT WE TRULY ARE WHEN COMPLETE AND WHOLE.

God created the Soul a bit different than it seems if people just perceive outward, physical, seemingly separate appearance in the physical realms. This is about the soul, not something you can see and measure on Earth as it became so common for society.

What does TWIN SOUL DUALITY means?

Twin Soul Duality means, when Twin Souls incarnate in two bodies and enter generally, the incarnation cycle (lower dimensions of physicality), they automatically also enter DUALITY. Here, in those dimensions including ours, the lower dimensions, where things are dense and slow moving, there are certain forces…

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DREAM SCIENCE: The Dream State Perception I

First Exercise!

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

Here comes a first and easy lesson in how to strengthen and clarify your dream “eyes”. Souls connected to the Light of Heaven, always have the opportunity to travel to other Planes of Existence, even while incarnated here. But with spirit only, as the body is still bound to this Dimension and on the journey yet.

We are not made for the nights. We are made finally, in spiritual sense, out of Light. When the night comes, the body gets tired, the mind, the thinking. We go sleep and then, in the moment we “fall asleep”, our Soul wakes up.

That is a direct lesson from ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

During incarnation, we have the opportunity therefor, to perform training for our spiritual eyes, and the ancient Egyptians had a real dream science going on. They had several exercises for the dream state consciousness, before and after to…

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ARCHANGEL METATRON- The Scribe of Heaven (T.H.O.T.H.)


Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

This is a very special Article today, and it took me like 4 days to grasp it clear enough to put it into a human explanation. I have always been pretty bad, I thought, in math and geometry. And few days ago, suddenly as they like to surprise I guess in miraculous ways, Archangel Metatron this time connected to me. But very strongly.

I have been led to a unique story about Twin Flames by a wonderful Girl that contacted me. Through our conversation, we got into a picture of her guy and while talking, Archangel Metatron switched in and kept letting me know the term: “Metatron´s Cube. Metatron´s Cube. Imagine it. Visualize it.”

For some strange reason, I knew intuitively how it looks like in the spiritual akashic dimension. This goes more into quantum physics I would say. That is the closest and best science I have…

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PHENOMENON: Attractions to Archangel Michael

Important Info for Beginners- 2014 RE-OPENING OF “TWIN EYE” MYSTERY SCHOOLS!

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

I want to talk today about a really interesting topic. I have been thinking about it for quite a while now, observing what is going on and seeing how more and more people contact me, telling me stories of Archangel Michael.

Something is quite strange, in a good way, about my channeled Spiritual Pop Music. I was told by Michael in 2010, when we started to publish this new Concept Music Genre we created, that every time I sing and put my energy, channel it, with him together, into my Songs and Compositions, that after “things would manifest and happen”. I wondered. I just did it, had fun with it, and did not think much, I just put my heart into it and meant my Songs.

I did not write any words. I just channeled, my mind connected to Michael´s in those moments, complete freestyle rhyming words, information…

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ANCIENT EGYPT- A very well done Video- thank you!

I cannot thank you enough for all your work, and for really caring to get to the correct truths about Ancient Egypt.

Dear Readers

This Video has a lot of information for people new to the topic. Please feel free to watch and learn, as good souls dedicated to truth slowly but surely come together:

Twin Soul Mirror Effect

Man in the Mirror, makes sense!

Archangel Michael 777

Dear World

As a further clearly visible note, I would like to mention the TWIN SOUL MIRROR EFFECT again, with additional details to the previous post: HOW TO FIND YOUR TWIN SOUL.


This means, that all things reflect “like a mirror image” into your twin soul and from your twin soul on you. There is a famous wrong thought in many minds out there, when one sees a person doing evil, you tend to think often this person does not SEEM APPARENTLY to be suffering any consequences of their evil. A good example, are rich people, politicians, some famous people who abuse their positions to gain manipulative control over others and spread bad energy.

But I would like to explain, that things are not always what it seems, and the twin soul mirror effect can show us further, hidden justice, a whole system, God integrated into…

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