Michael Jackson: The famous IsIs has returned!


Archangel Michael 777

Michael Jackson Twin Soul (Feminine Counterpart made by God) © Copyrighted True Story documented by Science

Photo Documentation of a unique real physical metamorphosis going on of the Twin Soul of Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa:

As I open my wings of power, I embrace the whole World.

May darkness end forever.

May light shine for all eternity.

May all Twin Souls find back together.

May all Evil get crushed that is in the way.

May God reveal himself through his Creation.

May Archangel Michael´s Name on Earth be washed clean.

May Michael Jackson be recognized in the Temple.

May Osiris finally receive his Rights on Earth.

May Love conquer this Planet.

I A.M. ISIS 777


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A Vision of Peace & Harmony: Michael´s Dream

So excited!

Archangel Michael 777

Dear World

Of course, when it states in the title “Michael´s Dream”, it is in the same time my Dream and the Vision of so many People right now around the World. In fact, I am looking up to find information online on the original Story, written by Sir Thomas More (1829) , and it is nowhere to be found, since hundreds of other people use that name for anything, a personal blog, fashion, writing general things and placing the word “Utopia” on them.

The term “Utopia” in fact is more famous than the story from which it came itself. People know about the book also, sometimes, but not about the content. I have heard so much about the content and the word from my Mother, growing up. She always used to say to me:” You cannot expect “Utopia” on this Planet, it is not perfect this World.” OR “You…

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Michael Jackson: Ancient Egyptian Face Similarities

Archangel Michael 777

Really obvious, the mouth corners…Here is an Original Statue of the Face of Nefertiti (The Character he picked for his REMEMBER THE TIME Short Film)

Stay tuned for MADE IN HEAVEN- The “Living Project”  ©






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Michael Jackson from Heaven: Spiritual Channeled Message

Mystery Osiris Rising 777

Archangel Michael 777

A very special Video with brief and simple summaries of the most important points Michael Jackson wants people on Earth to know. God can make all things possible and so we thank you, God, for making this wonderful communication and support manifest between the Dimensions.

Time for Heaven & Earth to hug.

Copyrights: 2010-2013 by Susan Elsa -Author of Channeled Work

Note from Author of Channeled Work:

“Michael wanted me to make a video instead of a text only, and add the Instrumental from T.H.O.T.H., which we had composed also together in 2010 in Egypt. Thoth is Archangel Metatron, Osiris is Archangel Michael.

Michael wanted to focus simply and briefly on the most important points he wants to share. Hope you feel uplifted and inspired by the wonderful Insight into how life in Heaven is!

Big Hug to all of you
Susan Elsa”

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Michael Jackson´s Battle for ARTISTIC FREEDOM & RIGHTS

Time to Respect IsIs Human Rights also! 777


Archangel Michael 777


Dear World

So happy to announce that the Doors are now open for Members at our re-designed Concept Web World. We put the first basic stone on the ground, and the plan is to build a whole Virtual Temple of Entertainment & Spirituality.

We are currently working on the Virtual “TWIN EYE” Mystery Schools and will keep you inside the Exclusive Member Area updated, and give even Insight into the Production.

Spiritual Pop 777 (Unique Own Brand ©), Spiritual Entertainment (Incl. Films & Games, COMING SOON), eBooks, a special Forum, and of course, Writings & Videos to prepare you for the Virtual Schools under construction. There will be real exams and certificates, so it is not a Game, but a real School with Fun & Entertainment combined.

Copyrighted by:

Mystery Garden Productions ©


(More Languages will be added)

Note: At…

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