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WOW!!!  (Photo was posted on Facebook by Friends ©)

Update:This Picture here with the Pyramids is photshopped, great. People have nothing better to do than to confuse the News as they come in fresh. It is not that much snow on Pyramids, but maybe in the Future? It has snowed more than since Decades and maybe we will have to get used to it from now? 🙂 But still the Pyramids in total white look very special and good. I like the look.

It is HAPPENING! Egypt healing and it will have much Vegetation, Trees, Fruits, Flowers etc again- and I think maybe Places like Europe etc who had before THIS Climate will have a Reverse Effect? At least, this is what Michael told me, and I have since November 2010 told quite a few People of this Vision and now, it is TOTALLY happening.

It surely looks…

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Michael Jackson Twin Soul Magic © Spirit PopArt 777 (Photo)

Michael Jackson Twin Soul Magic © Spirit PopArt 777 (Photo)

Dear future Mystery Students

Here some of the newest IsIs-Susan Pictures, artsy a lot as she works on making a New Cartoon Brand (Mystery Garden Cartoons ©)

Real Twin Souls merging on all Levels, including on the physical so we can literally witness it.

Some Research-worthy Hints:

Susan Elsa was born the very Day Michael Jackson began recording Thriller officially at the Studio- April 14th 1982. He sang THE GIRL IS MINE, that very Day. The lead Song of this Album, revolutionising Music Short Films- was filled with symbolism about Osiris (King of the Dead) and the Theme of Resurrection, Dancing, and literally the Topic of METAMORPHOSE.

Here, it is an artsy expression Michael chose based on a popular Film back then (American Werewolf)- a Metamorphose of Human and Wolf /Werewolf.

Underlying this Message, is a much bigger Truth to be discovered.

The Powers of True Love and True Magic within each Soul/ Twin Soul Couple.

Two Human Beings this time, merging into one after one of them transformed into Spiritual Form. Those things can be measured and are, physically. From eye size changes to lip shape and size, to make it easier, here is an example.

If the one in Spirit is male, the incarnated Twin Soul female, then the female incarnated Woman can take in during the merging process, increasingly attributes and energy from her male counterpart. Meaning, male hormones or hair could increase in the woman a bit, muscles can get stronger without exercise, the body shape can change slightly, so that even the silhouette adjusts to the other.

If the incarnated one is male, and the one in spirit female, then the Man incarnated on Earth can have the same signs and symptoms in the opposite effect: More female hormones, soft voice, less hairs, softer skin than usual for men and so forth. You may let your imagination flow. Each couple is individual and unique, each twin soul pair.

Enjoy the ArtWorks- Twin Soul Spirit PopArt 777 © Series

Susan Elsa © Project PR Image

Susan Elsa © Project PR Image

Film Director Susan Elsa g 2013

Film Director Susan Elsa © 2013

Virtual Mystery Garden Company Concept & Brand ©

Virtual Mystery Garden Company Concept & Brand ©

Official Movie Spiritual PopArt Posters: Mysterious Hints for the "Living" Project directed by Susan Elsa © 2011-2013

Official Movie Spiritual PopArt Posters: Mysterious Hints for the “Living” Project directed by Susan Elsa © 2011-2013

Official ArtWorks PR for OTHER PART OF HIM- the "Living" Project´s THEME Dec 21st 2012

Official ArtWorks PR for OTHER PART OF HIM- the “Living” Project´s THEME Dec 21st 2012




Mystery Garden presents: THE “LIVING” PROJECT ©

Entertainment in a Style never before seen….stay tuned for SECRET RELEASE IN DECEMBER 2013!


Insight into current Secret Production being finalised.

A Project by Susan Elsa & Mystery Garden Productions © 2011-2013

Spiritual Partner Film Director: Michael Jackson from Heaven ©

The BIRTH OF THE “LIVING PROJECT”- Dec 21st 2012 introduced the Beginning with a Theme Song- THE OTHER PART OF HIM ©

Then, a foundation with a refreshed Website introduced the Start of a Digital Revolution with the “Virtual Mystery Garden” being developed at the moment as well with Partners across the Globe.

Stay very tuned for this never-before-seen, unique, “living” Project to be revealed in time…

Legal Note: All the Images on this Official Production Blog are Property of Mystery Garden Productions GmbH and re-use or download is strictly prohibited.

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