ISIS REVEALS HERSELF: I AM BACK! (Nov. 2010, IsIs Temple “Philae” in Aswan/Egypt)

Archangel Michael 777

Dear World

Today, we are nearing soon 3 years since I last visited Egypt, my beloved Home Land.

I remember, for all time, how magical this trip was. Not only did I record a full album, channeling DIRECTLY into the Mic without preparation of any lyrics, by connecting psychically to the Spirits of the Ancients. Osiris lead me through the whole thing.

Once again.

But this time I was asked to perform what I had learned in my past life, and remembered in this one, to apply it to the PLANET, not just Osiris. For he overcame all challenges, completely. This time, we are here so I can use my RESURRECTION MAGIC onto the whole Planet.

IsIs Planetary Magic- The Other Part of HIM is here…

I have written this story in detail on this blog, you can look it up. Michael Jackson was Osiris in his past life. Simple…

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THE EYE OF ISIS © Mystery Garden Official

THE EYE OF ISIS © Mystery Garden Official








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“The Living Project”
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Michael Jackson, James Brown & Susan Elsa: Real Egyptian Physical Channeling


Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

I am so busy directing Film Productions right now, that I was not able to post too much the past Days. But here we are again, on a wonderful sunny SUN-Day and I have some new articles for you Guys.

This Weekend was very special and unique and I did get in touch with a Stranger, which has very similar details in her twin soul experience as I do and did. But more about that later, IF she wants to share it in public.

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The idea is to gather all there and overtime, have one space where all spiritual MJ and Elvis Fans can UNITE THEIR VOICES and ENERGIES.

From the conversation I had with that Woman, that contacted me, I came to remember a…

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Michael Jackson´s Twin Soul Face Mystery Changes: Comparing 2008 and 2012/2013

Real Physical Channeling by the Master of Magic IsIs!

Archangel Michael 777

Before and After Michael Jackson passed and came back to me as a Spirit, merging with me.

Note: Check out the Nose. No surgery and it is provable medically.  And the lips. And the eye size. And the whole facial form and expression lines/wrinkles.

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Susan Elsa: Climb every Mountain for Love © 777

About the Power of the Human Will ©

Archangel Michael 777

Susan Elsa: Climb every Mountain for Love © 777

Copyrighted Image © Susan Elsa at Lucerne/Pilatus Mountain -Switzerland July 2013

I remember, when I returned from L.A. half dead and poisoned, I could neither sleep, eat nor could I climb 2-3 stair steps without getting dizzy and see black in front of my eyes.

Thanks to Michael´s Love from Heaven and how he never gave up, I just climbed a MOUNTAIN!






I am so happy, thank you Michael, for always believing in me.

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