Who is Susan Elsa?

Who is Susan Elsa?


Official Bio:

Susan Elsa was born on April 14th 1982 in Zuerich, Switzerland. Originally, her whole family comes from Egypt. At the age of 5, Susan was alone at home and switched on TV. She zapped right into Michael Jackson’s MOONWALKER Film. Her life changed in that moment forever.

She began to teach herself singing in an isolated room, being very shy while growing up. At age 16 she was invited to sing for a Soul Music Producer in Switzerland and impressed him during a session in his studio with Michael Jackson’s Song “Dirty Diana”.

Susan Elsa © Project PR Image 2013

Susan Elsa © Project PR Image 2013

Secret “Living” Project Insight © Secret Release Dates and Surprises

From then on her professional Career had begun, but the path was harsh and challenging. Soon she found out, that her new ideas, visions and concepts were not being welcomed with open arms by the Music Industry, instead she was asked to repeat things that have already been published and established and safely sell. She said no and walked out of the Mainstream Scene, without hesitation, always believing in her vision of art. Parallel, Susan Elsa visited a Private Swiss Business School and graduated with a Business /Economic Trading Diploma.

From her Egyptian Grandmother, Susan learned how to read the future/fortune as well as some secret knowledge about mediumship. She has joined in the past Parapsychological Scientific Research Experiments, to support Science in understanding the Soul and it´s capabilities.

In 2005, Susan moved to Los Angeles to support Michael Jackson worried about his Well-Being, and study Film Directing/ Cinematography to prepare her complete Entertainment Visions. She also visited a certified ProTools School and received an additional certificate for sound recording and operation in Pro Tools. She then presented her first Short Film in Los Angeles, as a new Film Director. The Title of her very first Short Film was “Nextdoor Witch- Friend or Foe?”, and was produced in form of a fictional Exclusive Interview with a Witch.

Susan was forced to return in 2008 back to Switzerland due to health issues. She founded Mystery Garden Productions while recovering still from a near-death experience and waited for Michael’s trip to Europe to surprise him with the New Indie Label they had talked about back in Los Angeles.

When she was ready to start activity with her new small label, news broke that Michael ascended. Susan’s whole World broke down and she was forced to take a break from launching the new Label Visions.


Official Film Poster & DVD Cover  Image © MADE IN HEAVEN- The “Living” Project – Releases 2013 & 2014

“I was too sad to keep singing and making Music…” – Susan Elsa 2010-

In 2010, angelic intervention helped Susan get back on her feet in miraculous ways and she continued her work.


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ArtWork by the talented Mr. Donald Thornton ©

ArtWork by the talented Mr. Donald Thornton ©


The Global Covenant has focused its priorities on women and children who are the increasing victims of violence. The Global Covenant hosts an annual conference called the Women’s World Peace Conference to bring women together to advocate for non-violence.


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Michael Jackson speaks about Jealousy Experiences: In His Own Words © Twin Soul Blog

Archangel Michael 777

Michael Jackson speaks about Jealousy Experiences: In His Own Words © Twin Soul Blog

“No matter how good your intentions are, there´s alway some jerk, some mean spirited person who tries to bring you down. And all you wanted to do was to bring some love and some joy. And they´re so quick to hate and to judge and be cruel and mean. I just shows that man-kind can be very ugly and cruel, it really does. It brings out the ugly side. ”

-Michael Jackson-

"I REMEMBER" Dec 2010 channeled Album- Susan Elsa DEBUT OF SPIRITUAL POP 777 “I REMEMBER” Dec 2010 channeled Album- Susan Elsa DEBUT OF SPIRITUAL POP 777

WE COME INTO ARRAY- Official PR Cover introducing TWIN SOUL POP © Release date: April 14th 2014 *Black Moon DEMO* WE COME INTO ARRAY- Official PR Cover introducing TWIN SOUL POP ©
Release date: April 14th 2014 *Black Moon DEMO*

Storyboard Key Frames OUT OF BODY ARCHANGEL PERSPECTIVE by Susan Elsa ©


Archangel Michael dares to be recognised © THE ALL SEEING EYE IN ACTION

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About Fake Twin Soul Flame Stories Online on the Internet ©

Archangel Michael 777

About Fake Twin Soul Flame Stories Online on the Internet ©

Dear Readers,

This has been lingering in my mind and soul for a while now, and I tried all I can to ignore it and never even reply to fakers online. But then again, it is not people´s fault and this is about the people. I think saying a few things about some big disinformation movement online is now necessary, for one time. To state few important things clearly and help the innocent People seeking for true Information on Twin Souls and then, being told false teachings and information. As a twin soul, you care about other twin souls as well. I don´t like seeing people mislead by some money-hungry, attention seeking frauds. In general, it is about time to stop this general “Fraud in Spirituality” thing that we all have witnessed on TV and such as well. People should not charge Money to “help”, not being capable of anything…

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Michael Jackson´s Man (Woman) In the Mirror © Special Twin Soul Proof Physical

Part of the Living Project © Birth November 2011


Michael Jackson´s Man (Woman) In the Mirror © Special Twin Soul Proof Physical

“We were standing in my Backyard isolated from any View from the front Street, and then Michael pointed with his finger suddenly, giggling a lot, at my Cheek into this Mole I have, it is from chicken pox originally I had in my childhood, but then I looked up and he pointed at his own Cheek, the OTHER cheek, and he had there an identical such round and light Mole, which I never noticed before meeting him on any Pictures. In this moment, he looked at me then with such an amazement in his eyes, it was a very spiritual moment for both of us and I literally could see my initial intuition “that Michael Jackson is like my Mirror somehow” as I had perceived it at Age 5 seeing him for the first time on TV in my parents bedroom, coming true or actually, being factually visibly true in…

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