Ancient Egypt: About Evil Set (Ghost of Jealousy) and his female Side © Archangel Michael 777

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

Today, as a follow up to our very important Article recently with strange Information I have found while trying to “locate where this Setian attacks might be coming from at me and Michael”- here is additional Information from my personal Memory and experiences from 2003 in THIS incarnation as well. I don´t care really what anyone thinks that worships Set, those people must be insane and they are simply involving themselves in something too big for their souls, and for nothing really and if they defend Set in any way they will get into Archangel Michael´s focus as well. It´s just the way it works, you should not worship the Devil in any way! Wake up!

This is important, as information and knowledge breaks the deception tactics of the devil. I had totally enough about 3 days ago. Totally. I am sick and tired, and in an anger…

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