Michael Jackson´s Knowledge: About the City of Athena, Venus and other “Gods and Goddesses” in Ancient Greece © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

This is one of our “World History Psychic Archangel Michael Reading”Articles, containing lots of personal Research Infos from Michael Jackson that he dedicated a lot of time and interest to, and with some minor Reference Links, contains mainly Information from Archangel Michael´s Insights on Details of Human History, and the links between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

The “Greek System of Gods and Spirituality” was formed only in ca. 750 B.C., and NOT before- which means a long time AFTER the Ancient Egyptian Spiritual “System” or Organisation of “Divine Deities” with Roles, Personal Stories and more on Character Attributes and Magic Skills.

Ancient Egyptian Civilization lasted longer than what is being told, and was definitely prior to the Era of Ancient Greece.

Let me tell you now, how “Greece”(Hellas) was founded back then, and what the Greek People were actually originally tuning into AT FIRST.


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