Osiris (Ausar) and the Rise of the African Soul – A Special Mystery Teachings Article- © 2015 Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

This is a special time, after the Blue Supermoons and the Red Supermoon, and soon there will be toward the end of October another Supermoon again. It is a magical and healing time, on a planetary level.

Since we began the Spiritual Focus on “The Black Consciousness Rising: Osiris vs. Set”, things which were hidden and not talked about much prior are now fully visible and debated in public. That is all finally the “Inner African Consciousness” rising again, after it has been oppressed for so long.

It is Osiris /Ausar healing his People, and all of Humanity, bringing the Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Awakening and Wisdom to everyone now.

Please take a look back at the first article, the others following are titled “Dangerous Knowledge Series” and are focused on Michael Jackson´s Dangerous Album, research and inspirations, thoughts and messages beyond what has been explained ever to…

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