How Twin Soul Kisses Feel: Physical & Spiritual Connection of Heart Chakra Flame Magnet ©

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

Since yesterday, Michael keeps insisting that I put out some more information on the sexual connection between us, and I have hesitated a bit first due to my shyness and not wanting too much about this intimate stuff published. He said, we can tell a few things only and I do not need to speak of anything that feels too personal to me. I especially, just so you understand how I am as a person about my private life, I do not like to “word out things in details” publicly.

But it is great to educate others and give a bit inspiration for twin flames out there approaching their own meeting in the physical and having some story that you heard before, helps you in those moments to understand what is going on. It can be a true rollercoaster of energies!

I remember the first “coincidental” meeting with…

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