The “Pop-Singing” -Film Director Susan Elsa © OFFICIAL BIO

Archangel Michael 777

“As a child I wanted to be like Michael Jackson in Music and Steven Spielberg in Film Directing” © Susan Elsa

“My unique life experiences were the very reason why I decided to become a professional Film Director. I have focused on Music and Singing mostly all my Life, and felt the stranger my Life Experiences became, that Music was not a “complete Medium” for Expression for me.

I needed the FULL PICTURE. I was told back then by friends and family: Susan, your LIFE IS A FILM! So I went with it. As a child, I always wanted to become like Michael Jackson in my Music and like Steven Spielberg in my Film Directing. I had no idea, Michael Jackson was that much into

Filmmaking as well, but he did encourage me to focus on my Talents as a Director. Not only did we plan to direct Films together…

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