About Michael Jackson: A personal Message from Susan Elsa ©

Archangel Michael 777

First and only personal Video Message by Susan Elsa: The real Person behind the Works, Music, Cartoons and Books. Some Information on Projects, Secret Art Moves, Business Partnerships being formed and of course, Michael Jackson by Susan Elsa.

Please do not circulate freely, as this is a personal Message to Fans and Friends of Michael Jackson and Susan Elsa, as well as spiritually interested Followers of the announced Mystery Schools of Osiris and IsIs, which are part of those Mystery Secret Projects we are on since October 2011 (Announcement began then…). ©

The initial declaration on the “twin flame/soul” of Michael Jackson, in his ascended State, is shown in the Archangel Michael- Secrets of Heaven 777 Cover Insights in a sample in this Video. That was a raw, demos release due to cyber attacks. In December2010, Susan Elsa released I REMEMBER, which was the initial…

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