THE TWIN FLAME TOPIC: The Truth about 2010 and 2015 Online Situations and False Michael Jackson Twin Flame Claims © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official on ARCHANGELMICHAEL777

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Dear Readers

This is a general Article but with good personal examples describing things clearly. It contains original Data from our Twin Flame Soul Projects we have made in hard work, travel and lots of direct channeling, since 2010. In a second part, a follow up article on the same topic, we go into the true Twin Flame magic, love vibes and good information, happy focus for your minds and more, sharing love and light.

Recently I was chatting with my by now long-time friend, Ida, from Texas. She wrote a Foreword about me, for my Book (Archangel Michael´s Wedding- Michael reveals his Twin Soul from Beyond © 2010-2012), and visited me back in September 2010 already, having heard the term Twin Soul” for the very first time ever, from me. She will write herself from her own Perspective for you, about that all. I had even panicked, live…

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