SPIRITUAL POP ART 777 © Twin Flame Desires

Twin Flame Meditation Pop Art & Tribute in ONE 777

Archangel Michael 777

SPIRITUAL POP ART 777 © Twin Flame Desires

Exclusive Spiritual Pop Art 777 by Susan Elsa

Title: Twin Flame Desires


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Michael Jackson: The famous IsIs has returned!


Archangel Michael 777

Michael Jackson Twin Soul (Feminine Counterpart made by God) © Copyrighted True Story documented by Science

Photo Documentation of a unique real physical metamorphosis going on of the Twin Soul of Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa:

As I open my wings of power, I embrace the whole World.

May darkness end forever.

May light shine for all eternity.

May all Twin Souls find back together.

May all Evil get crushed that is in the way.

May God reveal himself through his Creation.

May Archangel Michael´s Name on Earth be washed clean.

May Michael Jackson be recognized in the Temple.

May Osiris finally receive his Rights on Earth.

May Love conquer this Planet.

I A.M. ISIS 777


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Michael Jackson: Ancient Egyptian Face Similarities

Archangel Michael 777

Really obvious, the mouth corners…Here is an Original Statue of the Face of Nefertiti (The Character he picked for his REMEMBER THE TIME Short Film)

Stay tuned for MADE IN HEAVEN- The “Living Project”  ©






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PHENOMENON: Attractions to Archangel Michael

Important Info for Beginners- 2014 RE-OPENING OF “TWIN EYE” MYSTERY SCHOOLS!

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

I want to talk today about a really interesting topic. I have been thinking about it for quite a while now, observing what is going on and seeing how more and more people contact me, telling me stories of Archangel Michael.

Something is quite strange, in a good way, about my channeled Spiritual Pop Music. I was told by Michael in 2010, when we started to publish this new Concept Music Genre we created, that every time I sing and put my energy, channel it, with him together, into my Songs and Compositions, that after “things would manifest and happen”. I wondered. I just did it, had fun with it, and did not think much, I just put my heart into it and meant my Songs.

I did not write any words. I just channeled, my mind connected to Michael´s in those moments, complete freestyle rhyming words, information…

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Michael Jackson returns to his TWIN SOUL- Unique Original Story

Michael Jackson returns to his TWIN SOUL and teaches her the TERM!


by Susan Elsa

Susan Elsa: Physical Twin Soul Merge with Michael Jackson in visible ways (Summer 2011)

Susan Elsa: Physical Twin Soul Merge with Michael Jackson in visible ways (Summer 2011)

In March 2010, I went with my family to Venice/Italy. It was so nice. And there, as I lay in my bed in this huge, castle like bedroom of this water front Hotel – Michael was brought back to me carried by Angels all of a sudden! He looked rejuvenated and had an afro and was black again, like we looked with age 17/18. He smiled so much, being brought back to me. Michael then, as a Ghost, stayed with me the whole night, sitting at my bed as I tossed and turned being emotionally tortured from all that I experienced and he performed some “energetic healing work” on me. I felt this “negativity” being pulled out of me and I was so happy to see him again, even if it was different. First thing he said after he came back and was informed about everything in and out about our whole lives by God himself, was the following, “I am so sorry; everything you went through was because of our connection.”

He gave me time I have to admit. He did the transition step by step, giving me bits of information in the comfortable pace. I felt so embarrassed at first, because I sensed that he could “see me all the time” now, even when I was on the toilet. That felt weird. And I felt how he checked me out, when I would take a shower and he found it very amusing, that I felt so embarrassed. He kept saying, how much we are alike. He was suddenly so healed and well, here to help me. Man, I mean, the Angels brought him back to me into that Hotel directly in Venice, and placed him ON me in spiritual form. I didn’t understand why for a while. He was a Ghost/Angel.

One day during these initial few weeks, he told me the correct information he received directly from God about our connection. We were not “soul mates.” He came into my living room with the exact same aura I had seen in my Archangel Michael Dream about 7 Years prior to that in 2003, and then he said:

“You are the One. I looked for you all my life. I love you. You will never be alone again. You are my heaven! I love you. You are my Twin Soul!”

I have never heard this term before, in English, not once in my life. It was clearly not something me, or Mike realized or understood when he was alive. Only after, when God showed him the full truth and explained to him beyond, he could come and reveal to me why we had same thoughts and parallel physical heart pains and all which took place in his last phase of life in Los Angeles. I had no idea! Michael never mentioned this term when alive before, we only talked about “soul mate.” All I always cared about when Michael was alive was to be his friend, to be there for him, platonically. I never thought of these other aspects much, we didn’t have time for it, we fought to survive shortly after meeting and we met only a few times due to the criminal poisoning and following attacks on my life and his life. I was confused even, why I find him so attractive when I met him, I didn’t even expect it nor ever think about this my whole life. Besides that, I was more than 20 years younger than him and not sure we have a future, couple-wise, to be quite honest. Everything happened so weird and fast in Los Angeles. I even had days I wanted to run away from my feelings, because I was confused why Michael likes me as a woman and if he was serious or just playing. I was used to men seeing me only as a sex object my whole life. It wasn’t Michael’s fault, I just am a not so easy girl, but he liked this actually. Michael loved to fight for a woman, obviously, he wasn’t into the type of girls who throw themselves at him, but more the ones he has to “hunt” and fight for. I cared so much deeper for Michael than for any other man; that I was very shy to open up my heart fully and commit to him, that is why we kept it secret; I needed time to learn how to handle this.

I heard the term twin soul clearly when he told me, and wondered what this strange “twin soul thing” was. I looked it up online and was pretty amazed at how accurate it was. I even found a book called “Twin Souls Merging” about the Twin Soul story of the Superman actor George Reeves and Jean Cline, his Twin Soul. Michael shocked me positively, over and over, to heal my heart and demonstrate his presence. I can’t talk about everything, because simply, it’s very private and Michael is not here in the Earth anymore for me to talk about things he likes to keep private between us. But I will tell all I am able to tell publicly, for the curious readers out there.

If someone would think “bad thoughts” about me, he would warn me and see clearly their mind from above somehow. I don’t know how all this works, I am only human like you. But Michael can see emotions and thoughts or evil planned actions of individuals and tell me to stay away from them, before they move. He can spy on evil Hollywood people and come to me and tell me things they do in their home or in secret, I factually cannot know from afar like for example Lady “Satan,” man she is doomed. By the time they move, I would be away and they would wonder, how I knew before or how I can know facts about them, things they did or said, in my absence.

One of the funniest and strangest things he said in the beginning of 2010 was: “You are going to have a beautiful body.” I was confused and asked him, “Why? Do you think I am fat?” Of course, he does not think I am fat or was fat, the opposite. But he didn’t want to explain what he means further and suddenly I lost weight and had nicer legs and such than I ever had before, without sports! My “behind” got magically tighter and my eyes started to get bigger and sparkly, shiny again, the sadness left my eyes! The tears stopped clearing the way for happiness now, overnight! And my lips got fuller, naturally. I kept asking Michael a lot during 2010, how do you do this? Michael how is this functioning? But he just giggles and never told me directly, how. It is so crazy and divine. All my sadness was blown away, it was a miracle. I slept like a baby now, and walked around with a big smile. All these previous “anger attacks” and these heart rhythm problems-bam, completely gone. Michael died and came back to me to rescue me and help me. Even my singing changed, my vocal teacher in LA confirmed it to me, not knowing about all of this of course. He said, “It is strange, your voice is suddenly tuned it and tone absolutely on point.” Something like this, he said, when he heard my new Songs. My Songwriting completely changed, because Michael started now helping me to write Songs and assured me, he is there and will help me with my work and we will have fun. He always believed he was as a human being in flesh, only a channel, and that the real Music is composed in Heaven and then “brought down” by the chosen, blessed channel. Now, he could really take the credit for it and compose up there, and I channel it for him and now I feel like he used to before, like I cannot take full credit. I would’ve liked to tell the World openly, but Michael advised me in 2010 to keep it secret yet. I was so fascinated about all this and happy, like I am already in Heaven somehow, that I called couple friends initially in LA and said, “Michael helped me!” I suddenly forgave all bad people and felt so heavenly. Now, if I cried it was happy tears.

My whole life has changed since knowing exactly, what comes after death through Michael not only telling me, but showing me in Out of Body experiences Heaven, taking me with him at times during my sleep, like a vacation for my soul overnight.


“The only real valuable thing is intuition”- Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist/Mathematical Genius, 1879-1955

Of course, I have always been a very honest and straight forward person and so, I called, all happy, a few of my friends in L.A. and other places in the World, saying, “Michael helped me!” I was like a little kid, naive, excited, happy and overwhelmed.

It should come to no surprise to the reader, that the Internet and Skype was not necessarily the safest place to communicate about what was taking place in my life. At the time I had started to talk with friends and family over Skype, Facebook and generally the Internet, Michael had left and I was feeling very alone. I needed to talk; I cried all the time and isolated myself.

Being in the “Entertainment Desert,” Switzerland, back home, I tried to keep my contacts going with California and also, to find new talents, connections or partners to help me with my ideas. YouTube seemed a nice platform to me, and so I met through YouTube a guy in New York that looked at first very spiritual and fun. We got along like friends, and I was open to him regarding how Michael wanted to work with me, but I was too shy yet, and that Michael planned to surprise me in Europe, when he comes to the London concerts he was about to perform. I found out after he passed through family members that secretly helped him to plan the surprise for me and I had no clue. In the same time, I had the exact same thought toward Michael, and planned to surprise HIM when he comes here, with my freshly founded own Entertainment Label.

Anyways, the following story is the craziest I have ever experienced regarding how nuts, psycho and evil the Entertainment industry is, especially in America it seems. This guy from New York was communicating with me in the very early phase of Michael’s return to me as well, still. I was still missing him and thinking, I “lost” him, when he started to move Heaven and Earth to demonstrate to me his continued presence around me. He used this guy once, over Skype, to tell me the following: “Susan, Michael loves you. He LOVES you. He wants to be your “Spiritual Husband.”  I always kept quiet when people would say suddenly all around me things like this, like they are parallel being “remotely controlled” by Michael, to re-tell me all he directly tries to tell me as well so I cannot “ignore his presence any longer.” There was no logical explanation; they could not know all this. I guess he wanted to demonstrate to me his love, after he passed, in a way which “refuses to be ignored.”

All this was the last conversation I had with this guy, after he had offered me before to connect me to Madonna for cooperation in my new spiritual pop ghostly channeling ideas. I had even sent him drafts of songs, in which I directly channel Michael the first time from above, and one could hear the “coming in of a different” energy and voice in the middle of the song, recorded on February 25th 2010, even before I saw Michael being brought back to me. In Heaven or closer to me, he is always connected to me automatically and naturally, it seems. I guess I didn’t realize that wonderful connection I can rely on, when he passed and I was so broken.

All in one breath, no pen no paper rhyme. The first spiritual sex had not yet happened between me and Mike and I was naïve, innocent and trying to find out what happens and talk honestly as I am with people. If I want or not, I am by nature honesty in person. It just comes out of my lips; I can’t lie or hide important things like this. I just can’t.

But he said, after that Michael wants to be my spiritual Husband, that I can also be with a second man in the same time, and he started right after to flirt with me in a very disturbing way opening up about some sexual issues he had personally. He started to describe to me things I did not want to hear about his penis “pains” and circumcision issues. Disgusting.

That moment I felt Michael’s extreme Anger from above and he somehow “removed” the guy from my life in 24 hours, by hitting him with “uncomfortable feelings” it seemed. He had done it so quickly, I needed time to keep up and realize, what had happened and why this guy suddenly cut contact by himself and seemed so “cut out of touch” with me. That time I still had a relationship with another guy, by the way, who I planned to marry later. It wasn’t true love, but it was a nice guy and his initials coincidently were M. J. as well. He lived abroad and it was all far distance. I wanted to get married and have children bad, now that Michael was gone. This guy helped me in my mourning and I developed feelings for him. I felt so lonely.

I didn’t understand, because I thought, okay I know Michael is with me, my twin soul, and loves me eternally and all that. But it was clear to me, that me and Michael cannot be “together fully” like before. At least, this is what I thought conditioned by the system of society and beliefs put in my head by people all my life. I thought he told me all this to help me know he is “around somehow” and have hope that we meet again, when I die. That is all.

Sometimes, he would “hit me with some dance energy” or something like this and I would have like “dance urge attacks” in public and hold myself back, enter my home later and throw off all bags and my jacket and dance like crazy, like it is some “dance attack.” I would suddenly do steps I never thought possible before and “feel” his energy inside my body, like I am a device and he owns the remote control. We have an Insider joke about this, I always say, “You play me like your favorite musical instrument.”

Few guys would be around, trying to be with me, besides the other friend I liked and was with still. Michael came by flying, and I mean very fast, and threw quickly some rose flame into my heart. I could feel this flame burning in my heart and suddenly, I became so much more emotional somehow. Same day, my boyfriend started to feel strange and I could not reach him until Sunday, two days later, where he told me that he feels since Friday that “our relationship is wrong.” I started to cry and felt like dying, always being left alone. This moment, Michael started to yell, “Don’t do it, I love you!” I wanted to commit suicide, since a while now, feeling bad. I never really planned it or such, but kept thinking about it since I got poisoned and my health ruined and then Michael passed additionally. I only had thoughts of being “tired of living,” that is all. I fought and fought for years, was tired and saw no future simply.

Then I started to go out with that other good looking guy. But he was not honest and Michael saw all he does, behind my back. He was having parallel few women and after he invited me to dinner and of course, I didn’t let him touch me, so he called another girl and invited her to his place without my knowledge.

Michael confused me next morning and I missed my train to work, I was bit angry and said, “Michael, why you do this man!” I went on the next train and as the door opened I saw that guy I wanted to get to know better with this other girl in his arms, a girl who always was jealous of me and super bad hearted and dark in her soul. I was shocked.

I went into hiding, sad, not believing in love for my future life anymore. I felt like I will never be in a relationship again, mourning the rest of my life waiting to die. And then, Michael done some things to me I will have a historically hard time explaining now. I myself would never say this usually, I am not courageous enough, but Michael insists. And he has done so much in these couple years since his passing, that I miraculously have no single doubt. He convinced me.People who know me well personally can confirm that I am a very stubborn girl. For goodness sake, he convinced people around me and strangers as well! He went to America quickly even once and touched Ida with his energy from behind, she has a picture where his energy orb is visible clearly.

Suddenly my YouTube Account I had opened officially on June 23rd 2009 was hijacked and passwords changed overnight so I cannot use it anymore. Google has never responded to my legal claims, at all, and the hacked channel keeps showing up in top search results online. My private emails and business emails of my label were accessed while I was sleeping in Summer 2010, over and over, communications blocked, nasty emails sent out in my name fake to people I work with to make me look bad. My view counts on YouTube generally would get blocked, while I saw another so-called artist being attached to all of Michael’s videos to “catch his fans” and make money off of them; this obviously was being done by Michael’s business enemies. I was surprised: How did they know about me? Me and Michael did all we can to keep this all secret? Did they spy on me from Los Angeles already or just now suddenly? I had no idea and was taken completely off guard and wondering about these strange events taking place in my face rudely. If I would post something important or any promotional things for my new ideas, while I am getting “hacked down” and censored in this illegal way, another would use my exact stories to promote herself, replacing my name in the original stories that were hacked or even officially published by me, in the middle of my own promotion try’s parallel. They just pretended that I don’t exist and kept self-servicing themselves on the “buffet of my life” and my work and intellectual property. These ideas have been invented by a Swiss label, not American labels and this is unfair competition and economic crimes. You are not allowed to abuse the Internet in this way, you criminal, desperate wannabe artists. And especially you are not allowed legally or morally speaking, to take and use anything you find interesting or like from another for yourself without proper citations.

Archangel Michael: Symbol of Truth & Justice

Archangel Michael: Symbol of Truth & Justice

Special Excerpt from the Exclusive Book   ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S WEDDING  (Available  @ Amazon and iBook Store)


A very special Excerpt from the exclusively channeled Book “THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF ROCK & ROLL- Elvis’ Message from Heaven”  by Susan Elsa  (Published Originally August 2012. Channeled Manuscirpt 2010, C.D.’s Summer 2012)

All Material is Copyrighted by MGP Publishing. Only full work may be shared with Citation of Original Author and Publisher, not portions only.

C.D. 2

“Elvis channels IsIs in the 1970’s”

Elvis Presley channels the Egyptian IsIs, Late 1970's

Elvis Presley channels the Egyptian IsIs, Late 1970’s

Note: This is a normal drawing, with added spiritual explanations of what Elvis described. Obviously, Elvis channeled the ancient Egyptian IsIs during his later Performances. In these concerts, Elvis would fall quickly on his knees and hold up the “wing-type” robe up with his hands. This is the exact IsIs pose depicted in many ancient Egyptian wall paintings as well as writings or sculptures.

Also, Elvis wore many clothes in his final years increasingly, portraying ancient Egyptian symbols like the Sun on his belt, or ancient falcons and birds. The ancient falcon is the symbol of Horus, which happens to be IsIs’ son.

There are obviously very visible links between Elvis and Horus. A coincidence?

C.D. 3

“IsIs 2012”

Eye of IsIs Meaning 777

Back in Ancient Egypt, we knew all about the Soul, Heaven, could communicated with the Passed, performed Healing Magic and much more as a natural part of society. The word and concept of “CHANNELING” comes from the direct Story of Osiris & IsIs, because it is IsIs basically, which INVENTED CHANNELING FROM ABOVE ON EARTH. After Osiris passed, the Bond remained, and IsIs channeled the Knowledge personally, which stands in the today so-called “Book of the Dead” or, “Book of Coming Forth by Day”. Pictured in many ancient “Drawings” with Anubis, these Drawings stand for IsIs’ Medium Job, of assisting Souls of all which pass, to reach Heaven. This is also how she received Details of “the other Side” or “beyond”. That is what the Drawings of IsIs with Anubis really mean.

The Mystery Schools were two, each School lasting 7 Years for only chosen Students. One School was called “Mystery School of Osiris’ Eye” and the second, “Mystery School of IsIs’ Eye”. One School came first in the Educational Process, and taught future High Priests and Priestesses the Secrets of Earth, the second School, coming after one succeeds in the first one, taught them the Secrets of Heaven and the Afterlife as a next Step. All Ancient Egyptian Priests and Priestesses dedicated their Life to Helping others and Service to Humanity and the Planet. The Knowledge was never used for selfish Gain or Harm, or more correctly, abused.

Re-Member:  GOD IS UNITY!

If you see today incorrect Stories spread about the above mentioned, if you see increasingly the Use in Entertainment of OUR Symbols, you know even more that we are back, provoking Reaction in Others. The Symbol of COVERING ONE EYE, in the manner they pose today in Music Clips as an Example, is a DARK EVIL MESSAGE/SIGN/POSE  and symbolizes the ATTACK ON SOULMATES/TWINSOULS. The evil Set, back then, blinded by Hate and Jealousy, tried to stab ONE EYE out from Horus, when they battled, to attack his Soul-Strength. Of course, God caused Horus’ Eye to magically recover right in front of Set and he could not believe, how powerless he is in front of Horus, even with all the heaviest Black Magic he could find.

You can imagine now, why Entertainment People would be interested in such “Energies”, to decorate “Artists” who “don’t have that special Energy/Aura”. There is a reason, why Ancient Mystery Schools were secret, because a real Spiritual Master knows that there are People BORN with the Calling, and other’s are not, even if they try to force it or pretend. It is not healthy, FOR AN OUTSIDER, to enter such strong Energies for superficial reasons like profit or greed/jealousy, it is like a skinny Girl trying to Lift the Weights of a World Champion in Weight Lifting! He trained, he formed himself, he can handle it, it is his Path. She cannot. Obviously the whole public platform needs to remember GOD.

Michael & Susan: Helping Elvis getting heard

Michael & Susan: Helping Elvis getting heard

See it from a logical and analytic perspective, when you read the following:

ONE Eye in Ancient Egypt meant A SOUL.

TWO EYES meant a united, merged TWIN SOUL. (Both Halves together consciously and strong)

Covering One Eye: Sat-anic (Setian as in the evil, jealous brother Set) Ritual Posing mockingthe

Attacks on Twin Souls

In Ancient Egypt there were no WORD LETTERS as we know and write today. The written Language was more like a visual imagery adjusted to our Dream/Astral Perception.

The EYE meant literally SOUL in ancient Egypt’s Language.

This Explanation can be shared and distributed only with Credit to Susan Elsa-IsIs for the Original Spiritual Information.

The Return of The Mother of EGYPT: IsIs 2010-2012

The real one and only IsIs of ancient Egypt returns to Modern Times and choses Entertainment as her new Magic Tool for Healing the Planet.


Original Egypt Magic Song, posted on viao Youtube on VALENTINE’S DAY 2011

Recorded during Magic Work Travel in Egypt at Original Temples (Aswan, Abu Simbel) in Nov. 2010

IsIs (Original Channel)
Published in Susan Elsa’s Debut Album

Production: Egypt November 2010
Release: 21st December 2010


January 2011

Twin Soul:  Spiritual Pop, No Pen, No Paper Fashion. Direct spiritual channeling of the lyrics, spirtual musical Messages and melodies in one breath freestlye and live.

Osiris & IsIs are back!

For Education Purposes

A very important Question:

How did IsIs resurrect Osiris, her by jealousy killed husband/brother/twin soul?

Once again Isis set out to look for the pieces and she was able to find 13 of the 14 parts, with the help of Nephthys, Seth’s sister-wife, but was unable to find the 14th, as it had been eaten by a fish.

Instead, she fashioned a phallus out of gold and sang a song around Osiris until he came back to life.

Michael Jackson: Osiris' Golden Phallus HIStory Uniform

Michael Jackson: Osiris’ Golden Phallus HIStory Uniform

Picture for Education and Research Purposes only: Michael Jackson HIStory Tour Clothing

Osiris was resurrected. He could have proper ceremonies and burial. Due to this experience, Osiris became Lord of the Dead and the Afterlife.

In some versions, Isis sang a song around Osiris until he came back to life. She then took the form of a kite and flew around his body in order to conceive Horus. In other tellings of the story, Isis grows wings and hovers over Osiris. She breathes life into him in order to revive him and conceive Horus. Being simultaneously alive and dead, Osiris became the god and king of the afterlife.

As a life-death-rebirth deity, Horus/Osiris became a reflection of the annual cycle of crop harvesting as well as reflecting people’s desires for a successful afterlife, and so the legend became extremely important, outstripping all others. The legend’s ventures into both life and afterlife meant that religious rites associated with the legend eventually began to take on aspects of a mystery religion, where initiates were said to be able to partake in Horus/Osiris’ resurrection, purging themselves of past ills, and entering a new life.

Original Source LInk:


IsIs: Resurrection IS Ascension- 11-04-2012