The Twin Flame Appearance: A True Mirror Image of Each Other © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

Today, Michael wants me to write a relatively short, but simple Article, as an Introduction to a more in depth information, research updates and explanations of the Science of Twin Flames. This is a rare and unique combination and part of our Story and personal records, especially mine. People talk a lot, but we are here to PROVE THE EXISTENCE OF TWIN SOULS, fully public, and remind humanity therefore of their own inner truth, and that they too are never alone.

As I am writing this article, Michael is making me parallel  live channel some drawings to show you more simple and easy the spiritual science and rules of twin flame merging, and WHY real Twin Souls look like the Mirror Image of each  other, when ready to reunite and merging and meeting on Earth. He wants me to do it nicely though this time, with colours…

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