Goddess of LOVE & MAGIC Pop Album © 2010 (PHOTOS) Original Ancient Mythology & Modern Pop Artist

I REMEMBER- The Magic Spirit Pop Album of 2010 ©

I REMEMBER – 2010 Official Album channeled IN EGYPT at original Temples- IsIs is back! *caused the Egyptian Changes*

Archangel Michael 777

I REMEMBER- The Magic Spirit Pop Album of 2010 ©

Original Promo Texts as is:

Dec 21st 2010: 3000 Years ago, the World still had the famous Ancient Egyptians. Music was a big and important part of their society, and in fact, used even in Healing Rituals and as a form of Prayer.

“I Remember” is an Album done by one person. Susan Elsa insisted on doing it in private, on her own, from composing, to one-take freestyle meditative vocal recordings, Susan presents here a new type of Pop Singer-more personal and honest. Directly showing the listener the process of the Creation of each sound and word. This Idea has never been done before ever by any Newcomer Pop Artist before Susan Elsa.

More stuff coming 2011, including Short Films. Stay tuned, for it will be very interesting…

“Osiris & Isis” Single (incl. Book of the Dead) OUT NOW

“I Remember”- Album OUT DECEMBER 2010 (Worldwide Digital)

This Song is…

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ANOTHER PART OF ME -> I AM THE OTHER PART OF HIM (Michael Jackson dictates Song to his Twin Soul)

Twin Soul Theme Song 2012! © MGP Publishing

Archangel Michael 777

Dear World

As some people do not get the situation, naturally due to some freaks trying to interfere for whatever reasons they have online, I decided to list a few facts of my own work, in regards to Michael and my relationship to him.

I started with that long before we even met physically, because we share one mind, so to speak. I wrote many songs, experimenting, training, when I was a teenager. I used to sing before, from childhood on, but did not yet write full Songs. I have to admit though, me and my sister would already “write” simple Songs for our Barbie´s and Ken´s and stage a real Show with “hiring Managers and all”.

So, where do you begin telling a Story, when it is not easy to define even a beginning of this connection? It has always just been.

After Michael channeled the first Song through…

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