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Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

Today is a New Moon Day, and time has come for an important Article with deep Teachings and Analysis, and some rare information on Michael Jackson in Spirit and his Spiritual Skill. Our Twin Ray Akashic Memory is what provides this clarity in the remembering of ancient past life incarnations and detailed knowledge acquired back then, and, tapping into the “spiritual memory/brain” while in the physical earthly Incarnation. Both things are basic in what actually used to be trained in the ancient Mystery Schools.

REMEMBERING PAST LIVES © Twin Eye Mystery Schools Material

In the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, the memory was a very integral part of the training. Not only physical brain memory, but also “dream and astral memory”. Many people today wake up in the morning, claiming “I do not dream anything anymore, I used to as a child”. That never could happen back then, because…

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