The first “Playboy Magazine” in Ancient Egypt?

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Yes, the title is serious: Did the ancient Egyptians invent “Sexy Magazines”?

Today is a Day we at the TWIN EYE Mystery Schools dedicate to learning and studying. This is like fitness training for the brain, and the soul, as the soul is always connected to life´s experiences and benefits from it.

We have talked in a previous post about possible Television in ancient Egypt, and surely they did have electricity and an ancient phone system.

Now, we want to name another thing which was invented in ancient Egypt. Many people have heard of the Indian KAMASUTRA, but probably never about the Papyrus of Turin?


From the Papyrus of Turin some Examples found freely on the Internet for educational Purposes:

Magical Water 777: Twin Soul Heaven ancient Egyptian Depictions

Magical Water 777: Twin Soul Heaven ancient Egyptian Depictions

Or now, here the first “Playboy Magazine” of History I guess:

Michael Jackson Twin Soul Education

From the Turin Museum: The ancient Egyptian Papyrus depicting something like “Ancient Egyptian Kamasutra”

Original Source:



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DREAM SCIENCE: The Dream State Perception I

First Exercise!

Archangel Michael 777

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Here comes a first and easy lesson in how to strengthen and clarify your dream “eyes”. Souls connected to the Light of Heaven, always have the opportunity to travel to other Planes of Existence, even while incarnated here. But with spirit only, as the body is still bound to this Dimension and on the journey yet.

We are not made for the nights. We are made finally, in spiritual sense, out of Light. When the night comes, the body gets tired, the mind, the thinking. We go sleep and then, in the moment we “fall asleep”, our Soul wakes up.

That is a direct lesson from ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

During incarnation, we have the opportunity therefor, to perform training for our spiritual eyes, and the ancient Egyptians had a real dream science going on. They had several exercises for the dream state consciousness, before and after to…

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