Michael Jackson: About the Dendera Light Bulb- Ancient Egyptian Secret Mystery Teachings PART 1 © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

As today is Friday, the 13th, we thought it´s a good Day for some special historical Teachings, bridging them into Modern Time. This is part of the ongoing DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE SERIES, a special Information Series and planned Documentary Project on Michael Jackson´s Dangerous Album. Michael Jackson´s Dangerous Album is probably the MOST UNDER-ESTIMATED Album of all Albums ever released by Michael Jackson. Once you know the full Research, Motivation, Authenticity and Magic behind this special work of Michael, you know how unique it is. That was some serious “Spiritual Pop Project”, and Michael basically “opened Pandora´s Box” with it. This Album marks the turn of events, when they started the “violent-type lies and public reputation war” on Michael Jackson. This Album marks IN REAL LIFE, how Michael Jackson was aimed at and attacked -Setian style, just like in ancient Egypt how Set attacked him. This Album contains…

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