Michael Jackson Song Meaning PYT from THRILLER – 2nd Addition to G-SPOT Article ©

Michael Jackson Song Meaning PYT from THRILLER - 2nd Addition to G-SPOT Article ©


As in the First Original Article explained- Michael really does have an official very famous Song, named PYT, in which he literally sings about the female G-Spot.

Real Ancient Egyptian Music-Sex Magic for THRILLER  ©  Osiris Reincarnation revealed ©



Michael Jackson´s Hidden Message about the Female G-Spot © His Words




Michael wants me to write down these things today, for it is a very central topic for society and especially for women. That includes me, obviously, on a personal level I do not want to describe in detail.

You know, in Show Business there are many “Groupies”. It does not have to be a Fan, in the classical sense. There are always women in general trying to jump on your Guy, especially if he is handsome, famous and has Money. As sad as it sounds, many women would try to sneak to Michael only cuz of Money or Fame, he told me a lot about it, to convince me, that he was never interested in such types of Women and looked for a real Relationship with only ONE Woman.

On the other side, there are also many, many men out there in the World, who only seek Sex from a Woman. Especially if she looks good, or anything above average. Like the inner beauty is not seen, nor are they interested in it. Always just sex, sex, sex!

So, Michael says he does sing such sexual stuff here, like he is literally saying to a woman in the Song “I want to have Sex with you”- but of course, in a very poetic, coded, lyrical way. 🙂

BUT, since Michael has done all these Songs from his Soul, from his Heart the Way he always felt about Women really and how to treat People in general, he integrated a to most People very unclear talking sequence at the FADE OUT of PYT.

And he wanted me to write this little Part down here now too for the Fans and Readers, so the Message is complete and not purely only about Sex. It is not. It is about Sex AND Love. Michael was CHANNELING me, his Twin Soul, in a one-sided Recording vocally of his Studio Channeling a CONVERSATION at the Fade out. A woman´s voice is not heard. Only his. He started recording THRILLER, with the GIRL IS MINE, during my Birth literally, on April 14th 1982. ©  (Content of published Books and Biography)

Michael: ” You know I think you, you are…real nice. You know I…I was wondering, if we, maybe ,can get together for a while, you´re such a PYT, to Me. *Kiss into Microphone* Pretty Young Thang…”


Michael: *Giggles* ” Listen, you know I LOVE YOU, you know, it´s…I´ll give you ALL THAT I GOT!”  (including eternal Love)

© Factual Twin Soul Data of Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson

© Factual Twin Soul Data of Susan Elsa & Michael Jackson

Susan Elsa © Egypt Project I REMEMBER 2010

Susan Elsa © working on Egypt Project I REMEMBER 2010