Michael Jackson, James Brown & Susan Elsa: Real Egyptian Physical Channeling


Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

I am so busy directing Film Productions right now, that I was not able to post too much the past Days. But here we are again, on a wonderful sunny SUN-Day and I have some new articles for you Guys.

This Weekend was very special and unique and I did get in touch with a Stranger, which has very similar details in her twin soul experience as I do and did. But more about that later, IF she wants to share it in public.

We are building a cool, new and spiritual Community at:   http://www.mystery-garden.com   (Free Member Area with free Ebooks, Music, Forum and growing)

The idea is to gather all there and overtime, have one space where all spiritual MJ and Elvis Fans can UNITE THEIR VOICES and ENERGIES.

From the conversation I had with that Woman, that contacted me, I came to remember a…

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