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Archangel Michael 777

Susan Elsa was born on April 14th 1982, while Michael Jackson had just started

officially to record his biggest selling Album “Thriller”.

Her name was the only name Michael used over and over in his songs. Few examples:

1. Heartbreak Hotel

2. Little Susie

3. Superfly Sister

4. Blood on the Dance Floor

The last song is very coded. Look deeper to understand the meaning. Michael shows a graffiti art with a rose-flame-fire heart, a sacred heart of twin souls, and how A KNIFE IS THROWN INTO IT by someone else, directly onto the writing:

Susie & Me

That means, Michael wrote this. Susie and ME. The one who is writing is Michael, and someone else tries to attack the couple, who wants to take Susie’s place and pretend to be her.

In her early 1980’s Film “Desperately seeking Susan”, Madonna plays Susan and walks around the whole movie…

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