Michael Jackson Channeled Energy Paintings © FLAME PAINTING 777

Dear Future “TWIN EYE” Students

Today we have a little, but powerful & important Exercise for you. It came about, when a friend and big Michael-Fan, asked me about the Purple Flame.

The Purple Flame, is very helpful in the beginning of an active spiritual Life Path. It cleanses the past, the blocks, frees the chakras, the mind, unblocks the third eye and much, much more.

There is the Purple Flame of Archangel Zadkiel, but also, a special Version of the Purple Flame of Archangel Michael. The reason for that is, that both the BLUE & PURPLE FLAME share many attributes and similar functions.

However, as I was asked by Michael to take a Pause from talking with my friend, to channel a Visual to help her visualise how it looks like during Meditation, he showed me a detailed, multiple Fire which felt so powerful, I literally felt the energy coming from the Image. It was all done within 10 Minutes, maximum.

Now, he asked me to post it also for others on the Blog, so it can help you guys to visualise it, better and better and better. Visualisation skill is also based on good, regular training. A very important discipline for the TWIN EYE Interactive Spiritual Community, in the future. Our purpose for the Virtual Schools will always be the Focus on HEALING THE PLANET & IMPROVING LIFE HERE. The more you give, the more you receive.

“A real spiritual Master serves, and does never “dominate”.”

© 2013 Direct Quote by Archangel Michael (Jackson)

Archangel Michael´s Channeled Energy Flame Painting © by Susan Elsa

Archangel Michael´s Channeled Energy Flame Painting © by Susan Elsa

Important Note:

Archangel Michael´s Blue Fire, is not just made of “Fire”. It is a Flame, a Fire when focused stronger, and also a Light, an Energy and a  BLUE AURA ©

And here is a bit more Info on the different Fires within it:


The Blue Fire´s purpose & function is to:

– Exorcise

– Cleanse

– Balance

– Cool down (in strong heated weather!)

– Unblock & Relief

– Reset


and much, much more. The BLUE AURA © can be used to, as the title says, shield with the BLUE FIRE your Aura. The Aura is like a layer, similar to an egg, all around your physical body. In between it are other layers of bodies, such as astral bodies we all own.

You can also use the Blue Fire separate anytime, for focused exorcising of evil energies, based on energy attacks or black magic from others toward you. Archangel Michael is THE EXPERT in that field. Especially “jealousy energy” from others can literally cause you auric issues, since they focus with dark thoughts on you. This is an energy that can go out and manifest, like as weak spots in your aura, it is like they hit you, with negative energy. You can burn this dark energy from such people with the blue fire, and the purple fire.

Advice: To do training regularly to be able to PRECISELY READ the energies around you, the chakras, the aura, see darker spots or weaker spots, or even holes and broken areas, is super basic and important to know where to focus the spiritual fires. Just a note for the Future TWIN EYE Students, it is advisable you start RIGHT NOW to have enough time to train yourself to a level, from which you can begin serious Spiritual Learning at our Virtual Schools we are preparing.


The Purple Fire, as explained, has a lot in common with the Blue Fire. It also cleanses and obviously, is not to be confused with fires we know from Earth. All these are spiritual fires. So, with the Purple Fire it is best to STAND INSIDE OF IT, and have it all around you, literally ONLY burning off all dark energies, negativity, dis-eases and so forth. You can only drink from a clean glass, right? So, when you want to take your Spiritual Journey serious, you have to begin by cleansing the Foundation, to then build a long-lasting, beautiful House on top. If using those Fires one after one separately, begin always with the BLUE FIRE & PURPLE FIRE.


The Rose Flame here, does also have some cleansing effects. But mainly, is not  cleansing tool, but a tool to expand the Heart Chakra, connect to your TWIN SOUL, connect emotionally, on an emotional level, more to Friends, Family Members, your own Children, for example. It activates the TRUE LOVE SIGNAL inside the heart chakra, and can be used to heal emotional past wounds, cleanse and heal fears regarding commitment and intimacy in love matters as well. It can increase your emotions to a degree, that you could find yourself crying, but it´s just a sign the heart is opening. Happy tears. You´ll see the results after in your life, beautiful improvements when using the ROSE FLAME!


Now this one will take you some own experience while you do this training and learn by doing. It is so complex, that it cannot be well described in a few sentences. It is perfection, purity, absolute happiness & health. It is what your eternal Light Body (White Fire Body) is made of! It glitters in majestic ways, sparkles always accompany it. It balanced the harmony in the whole being, helps you to find out more about yourself and your true, inner Magic. Who you really are. It connects you to Heaven and the Angels, and gives you peace in your Soul. It does not cool, like the Blue Fire, instead in “warms”, like a warm, loving, secure & safe, comfortable feel inside of your very Being. Try it out and make your personal, fun experiences with it.


(Of course, he got way more, not only 4 * big smile*) 

Now, adding all of them together in one big, huge, majestic Fire (IMAGE ABOVE), is very powerful and increases the energies perfectly of each Fire Element, especially the Blue & Purple Fires, work like catalysts increasing each other in strength & power.

This Exercise has been directly dictated by Michael Jackson in Spirit (Archangel Michael) and can be distributed only full not partially, and with Credit to the Author & the Channeler (Spiritual Secretary), Susan Elsa ©


The Virtual Mystery Garden (Birth: Dec 21st 2012)

Official TWIN EYE © School Material

Official School Books & Booklets and Excerpts for the Interactive TWIN EYE Community © 2012

Official School Books & Booklets and Excerpts for the Interactive TWIN EYE Community © 2012



Excited to celebrate the Debut of the TWIN EYE School Books soon with all of you.

Love & Eternal Light 777

Susan Elsa

ISIS REVEALS HERSELF: I AM BACK! (Nov. 2010, IsIs Temple “Philae” in Aswan/Egypt)

Archangel Michael 777

Dear World

Today, we are nearing soon 3 years since I last visited Egypt, my beloved Home Land.

I remember, for all time, how magical this trip was. Not only did I record a full album, channeling DIRECTLY into the Mic without preparation of any lyrics, by connecting psychically to the Spirits of the Ancients. Osiris lead me through the whole thing.

Once again.

But this time I was asked to perform what I had learned in my past life, and remembered in this one, to apply it to the PLANET, not just Osiris. For he overcame all challenges, completely. This time, we are here so I can use my RESURRECTION MAGIC onto the whole Planet.

IsIs Planetary Magic- The Other Part of HIM is here…

I have written this story in detail on this blog, you can look it up. Michael Jackson was Osiris in his past life. Simple…

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