Happy International Women´s Day! Spiritual Message by IsIs ©

Archangel Michael 777

Happy International Women´s Day!    Spiritual Message by IsIs ©

Ladies and Gentlemen 🙂

Today is the INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR WOMEN, and it is to us a very personal and important Topic.

From my Past Life as IsIs, to the current Incarnation as Susan, I have seen much injustice happening to the Female Gender/Souls.

I myself was attacked in ancient Egypt as many still know today. Set has not been very respectful toward Women, not only toward Osiris. He did not even care much about his own wife back then.

Not only did he kill Osiris out of jealousy, twice not once, but he also tried to kidnap me, force me to do things I did not want to do, and luckily he failed. It was the most hateful, extreme jealousy and obsession I have ever seen. The traumas in my Soul from Osiris violent death back then and all these memories, took me almost all my energy to face…

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