ATTENTION MJ FANS: FAKE AGENTS CAUGHT ONLINE- AGAIN! (Many Different Names and Emails- working for Hollywood Copycats to cover up???) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

A quick post, which Michael actually asked for yesterday. With precise details, he kept talking about the “Fake Online Agents” these stealing, copycat, rude and satanic Hollywood folks we spoke up about, and how “they make up several fake identities online to spread their defamatory lies and fakely create an atmosphere as if it is multiple real people when it is not” and that I should publish the following evidence we caught recently.

Now, they want to harass me spiritually, in my mediumship spiritual job as Archeia Faith. Now, they want to PRETEND THEY ARE PSYCHIC AND MEDIUMS AND TALK TO DECEASED AND HELP, stealing my personal information and published, copyrighted writing in that manner, while at the same time INSULTING MY SOUL, as they fakely pretend satanically, “they got my spiritual skills and I should shut up in public and stop defending MJ” etc…

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