August 29th 2013: Remembering Michael Jackson (PHOTO & QUOTE BY SUSAN ELSA) ©

Garden Eden 777

“Michael Jackson in
private was in some ways
totally different than
the public Image. He could
make sensual jokes
and wasn´t so shy
once knowing someone
well. He was very smart
and cool, all at once.”
-Susan Elsa-

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OFFICIAL MICHAEL JACKSON TWIN SOUL SONG: THE OTHER PART OF HIM (Channeled on 11:11:11, produced during 2012 professionally under Michael´s Guidance)

“I am very, very happy on this Day in 2013. It took some time to heal and digest Michael´s passing. I was angry, sad, frustrated and through the Miracles Michael himself

made possible for me and for us, AFTER his passing, I am now feeling better than ever and I thank God from the Bottom of my Heart for all my…

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