Archangel Michael about the self-proclaimed “Gold Ray Twin Flames” Mel & Nicole and Other FAKE Examples Online © ArchangelMichael777

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

I have long forgotten about certain things and people online, and yesterday, had a wonderful Chat conversation again with a Friend of mine, that has a very close spiritual connection to Prince, the Singer.

We are talking since about 2 weeks now, but yesterday we got into a subject that really made me go like:”Oh no! I knew they are doing wrong and spreading ridiculously false Twin Flame information, but THIS?” As she was sharing with me certain things they are telling people online.

She has gotten her own confusion phase from what they are doing, and now, is seeing clear.

So, I had enough, I have been silent long enough about those disgusting posers and I am calling them out now.

Mel and Nicole are NOT a Twin Soul, but two different Souls, NOT ONE TWIN SOUL. Mel and Nicole are NOT permitted by Spirit to TEACH…

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