TWIN SOUL POP © We Come Into Array *Exclusive Black Moon Demo*

TWIN SOUL POP © We Come Into Array *Exclusive Black Moon Demo*

Archangel Michael 777

TWIN SOUL POP © We Come Into Array *Exclusive Black Moon Demo*


Official Release Date of the Black Moon Demo “WE COME INTO ARRAY”- April 14th 2014 ©

MGP Publishing 2014

Explanation of Ancient British Term:

A commission of array was a commission given by English royalty to officers or gentry in a given territory to muster and array the inhabitants and to see them in a condition for war, or to put soldiers of a country in a condition for military service. The term arrayers is used in some ancient English statutes, for an officer who had a commission of array.

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ANOTHER PART OF ME -> I AM THE OTHER PART OF HIM (Michael Jackson dictates Song to his Twin Soul)

Twin Soul Theme Song 2012! © MGP Publishing

Archangel Michael 777

Dear World

As some people do not get the situation, naturally due to some freaks trying to interfere for whatever reasons they have online, I decided to list a few facts of my own work, in regards to Michael and my relationship to him.

I started with that long before we even met physically, because we share one mind, so to speak. I wrote many songs, experimenting, training, when I was a teenager. I used to sing before, from childhood on, but did not yet write full Songs. I have to admit though, me and my sister would already “write” simple Songs for our Barbie´s and Ken´s and stage a real Show with “hiring Managers and all”.

So, where do you begin telling a Story, when it is not easy to define even a beginning of this connection? It has always just been.

After Michael channeled the first Song through…

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