Michael Jackson: Twin Soul Healing Work at St. Peter Square – Vatican City © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Archangel Michael 777

Michael Jackson Twin Soul Healing Mission St Peter Square Obelisk Activation Vatican- Special Article © TwinFlame Soul Official Michael Jackson Twin Soul Healing Mission St Peter Square Obelisk Activation Vatican- Special Article © TwinFlame Soul Official

Dear Readers

Today we will explain in this Special Article a bit in depth, what we did for energy work last Sunday on the St Peter Square. The idea, before traveling, was to re-activate the Ancient Egyptian Obelisk Energies- and bring things back to original Order as they were in that ancient Time on the Planet.

Everything in ancient Egypt has been built with the Principle:“On Earth as it is mirrored in the Celestial”.

So now we completed the Archangel Michael & Faith Energy works for that Location- starting to re-activate the Obelisk Light on far-distance Reiki a few Weeks ago. Last Sunday, the 12th April 2015, we went there physically- I was in the physical and Michael with me in Spirit and we channeled very strong Light from higher spiritual…

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SPIRITUAL FILM DIRECTOR SUSAN ELSA: World Exclusive Heavenly Entertainment © 2010-2013

Channeled Elvis Presley Twin Soul Portrait from Heaven (Spiritual Channeling)

IsIs Magic “Channeling Heaven” (Spiritual POP Art 777) ©

Kundalini Spine Energy Light & Chakras Vibrating:
The IsIs Mystery Teachings

Archangel Michael 777

From our special Spiritual Pop Art Series

Title: IsIs Magic
By Susan Elsa ©

More Info and Background Stories of our Unique Concepts at:


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SPIRITUAL POP ART 777 © Twin Flame Desires

Twin Flame Meditation Pop Art & Tribute in ONE 777

Archangel Michael 777

SPIRITUAL POP ART 777 © Twin Flame Desires

Exclusive Spiritual Pop Art 777 by Susan Elsa

Title: Twin Flame Desires


4 More Info Visit


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Michael Jackson: The famous IsIs has returned!


Archangel Michael 777

Michael Jackson Twin Soul (Feminine Counterpart made by God) © Copyrighted True Story documented by Science

Photo Documentation of a unique real physical metamorphosis going on of the Twin Soul of Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa:

As I open my wings of power, I embrace the whole World.

May darkness end forever.

May light shine for all eternity.

May all Twin Souls find back together.

May all Evil get crushed that is in the way.

May God reveal himself through his Creation.

May Archangel Michael´s Name on Earth be washed clean.

May Michael Jackson be recognized in the Temple.

May Osiris finally receive his Rights on Earth.

May Love conquer this Planet.

I A.M. ISIS 777


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Michael Jackson: Ancient Egyptian Face Similarities

Archangel Michael 777

Really obvious, the mouth corners…Here is an Original Statue of the Face of Nefertiti (The Character he picked for his REMEMBER THE TIME Short Film)

Stay tuned for MADE IN HEAVEN- The “Living Project”  ©






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PHENOMENON: Attractions to Archangel Michael

Important Info for Beginners- 2014 RE-OPENING OF “TWIN EYE” MYSTERY SCHOOLS!

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

I want to talk today about a really interesting topic. I have been thinking about it for quite a while now, observing what is going on and seeing how more and more people contact me, telling me stories of Archangel Michael.

Something is quite strange, in a good way, about my channeled Spiritual Pop Music. I was told by Michael in 2010, when we started to publish this new Concept Music Genre we created, that every time I sing and put my energy, channel it, with him together, into my Songs and Compositions, that after “things would manifest and happen”. I wondered. I just did it, had fun with it, and did not think much, I just put my heart into it and meant my Songs.

I did not write any words. I just channeled, my mind connected to Michael´s in those moments, complete freestyle rhyming words, information…

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ANCIENT EGYPT- A very well done Video- thank you!

I cannot thank you enough for all your work, and for really caring to get to the correct truths about Ancient Egypt.

Dear Readers

This Video has a lot of information for people new to the topic. Please feel free to watch and learn, as good souls dedicated to truth slowly but surely come together:

REMEMBER THE TIME: Michael looks like Queen Nefertiti (Real)

Dear Readers

Quite a while ago, I was like every summer, in vacation in Egypt. We visited a sporting club and met with several friends of my parents, including a friend working at a big bank in Alexandria.

As we sat there talking, in the yard at this nice little table, this older Egyptian Business man started to pause with talking and looked at my face closely. He said then to me, and I will never forget:

“You have such an Egyptian face. I mean, really ancient Egyptian like the Pharaos. Your eyes and your profile is like Nefertiti’s. You should make some pictures, with full pharaonic make up and all, you will see, it will look “antique” and “unique”.”

I remember how I thought about what he said and after noticed a different perspective on my own looks when looking into my mirror and comparing my face and profile to Statues of Nefertiti.

In 2010, I was led to Egypt once again, but this time with plans to record a spiritual, channeled Pop Debut Album, which would be made fully under Michael’s guidance there. So I did just do that and called it also for personal reasons between me and Mike “I REMEMBER”, like an answer to his question in his Egyptian song “Do you remember the time?”.

Note: Archangel Metatron is our modern name for the ancient Egyptian THOTH. One and the same being.The scribe of Heaven holding and writing the AKASHIC RECORDS. The Master of “Thought”.

Official Promo Image of Susan Elsa's I REMEMBER Debut Album

Official Promo Image of Susan Elsa’s I REMEMBER Debut

Note: These Images were taken at the Original Nefertiti Temple in Abu Simbel near Aswan/Egypt in Nov. 2010. This is the Original Temple King Ramses II build for his wife and Queen “Nefertiti”. These two characters were featured as their real self in Michael’s REMEMBER THE TIME Short Music Film.

For Educational & Research Purposes only: JET COVER featuring Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy as Ramses II and Model Iman as Queen Nefertiti

For Educational & Research Purposes only: JET COVER featuring Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy as Ramses II and Model Iman as Queen Nefertiti

Note: The Model which plays Queen Nefertiti in Michael’s Short Film is in real called “Iman”.

Iman means in Arabic “Faith”

Now, check this out, giving you clues all over the place:


Here is for educational and research purposes the Image which this wonderful observing writer found and posted. The whole post can be found on the original source link above.

Real Ancient Egyptian Statue of Queen Nefertiti: Compare to Michael's Face

Real Ancient Egyptian Statue of Queen Nefertiti: Compare to Michael’s Face

Note: The craziest I think is the mouth and chin area too. The mouth corners, same facial expression as Michael Jackson.