SPIRITUAL FILM DIRECTOR SUSAN ELSA: World Exclusive Heavenly Entertainment © 2010-2013

Channeled Elvis Presley Twin Soul Portrait from Heaven (Spiritual Channeling)

IsIs Magic “Channeling Heaven” (Spiritual POP Art 777) ©

Kundalini Spine Energy Light & Chakras Vibrating:
The IsIs Mystery Teachings

Archangel Michael 777

From our special Spiritual Pop Art Series

Title: IsIs Magic
By Susan Elsa ©

More Info and Background Stories of our Unique Concepts at:


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SPIRITUAL POP ART 777 © Twin Flame Desires

Twin Flame Meditation Pop Art & Tribute in ONE 777

Archangel Michael 777

SPIRITUAL POP ART 777 © Twin Flame Desires

Exclusive Spiritual Pop Art 777 by Susan Elsa

Title: Twin Flame Desires


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Michael Jackson: The famous IsIs has returned!


Archangel Michael 777

Michael Jackson Twin Soul (Feminine Counterpart made by God) © Copyrighted True Story documented by Science

Photo Documentation of a unique real physical metamorphosis going on of the Twin Soul of Michael Jackson & Susan Elsa:

As I open my wings of power, I embrace the whole World.

May darkness end forever.

May light shine for all eternity.

May all Twin Souls find back together.

May all Evil get crushed that is in the way.

May God reveal himself through his Creation.

May Archangel Michael´s Name on Earth be washed clean.

May Michael Jackson be recognized in the Temple.

May Osiris finally receive his Rights on Earth.

May Love conquer this Planet.

I A.M. ISIS 777


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Michael Jackson: Ancient Egyptian Face Similarities

Archangel Michael 777

Really obvious, the mouth corners…Here is an Original Statue of the Face of Nefertiti (The Character he picked for his REMEMBER THE TIME Short Film)

Stay tuned for MADE IN HEAVEN- The “Living Project”  ©






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Our OWN YOUTUBE Channel! “TWIN EYE” Mystery Schools Preparations 2013

Dear Future Students

We have some good News today! We have now our OFFICIAL BRAND NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL! There, you will find during 2013 many Uploads of Spiritual Exercise Videos, Meditations, as well as general Spiritual Information about the ancient Egyptian ORIGINAL Mystery Schools of the Eye of Osiris and the Eye of IsIs.

Here is a Video uploaded on the New Channel, so you can find it and hopefully, benefit a lot spiritually and physically.



The Member Area, including Forum (MYSTERY PLANET FORUM) plus Spiritual Pop Music, eBooks, Special Preparations for the coming Virtual Mystery Schools in Writings & Video & Music, Channeled Energy Drawings Exclusive Insights, as well as Insight into the mysterious “LIVING PROJECT”, titled MADE IN HEAVEN (New Film Concept).

Mystery Garden Productions is the Label, which is producing our digital Mystery Schools. We look forward to open for students in 2014!


Design by Eli Ziv

NEW SPIRITUAL FORUM by Mystery Garden 777 ©


The Soul is Love: Spiritual Awareness Promotion (Dec 23rd 2010)

BE GOOD TO YOURSELF! Important Focus for “Twin Eye” Mystery Schools

Balance is essential for any potential Spiritual Master

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers/Souls

Here comes for the Weekend this time, an older Video we published parallel to the publication of my first Debut Album “I REMEMBER” back then. It was such a unique and magical experience to travel to Egypt and channel those Songs with Michael right at original temples. I will always remember that.

So, since we are by now really in changing times where it seems sometimes, as if the Planet is totally in chaos somehow in many ways and people, countries etc., I thought posting this Video for SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, caring and nurturing your very soul that means, is a fitting thing and still valid today.

Many people are awakening more and more to learn that they in fact, have been made deeper and more complex than they thought or remembered before.

Not only many people have talked about those changes coming, holy books and all, but also…

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The Pentagram: What is the REAL Spiritual Meaning?

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

Today is a special Day, as we will dive deeper into the true spiritual meaning and use of the famous Pentagram, sadly associated with much false information or incomplete, is the better fitting word.


First of all, there are 2 different Versions of the Pentagram and it could´nt make any bigger difference in meaning. One Version is facing “Above”. One Version faces “Below”.

The first Version shown here, has been used since Ages for Spiritual Protection. It is in some ways even connected to Metatron´s cube, and symbolizes actually Archangel Michael & Archangel Metatron´s Force, upholding Order within God´s Creation and Matrix of the Universe. It stands for the 4 Elements and the Fifth Element, which is Spirit/Soul. It is a physical, spiritual and mental protection symbol against evil, negative influence or attack, for this particular life form we live in…

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