Michael Jacksons Artistic Message and Spiritual-History on Werewolf Metamorphosis *THRILLER-HALLOWEEN Article* © Susan Elsa- Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

The Werewolf as a Twin Flame Merging Symbol originally and then involved against Men in “Witch Hunts”…

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

This year’s THRILLER-HALLOWEEN Series 2016, is more guided by Michael and I do less work than the previous two years. It is really fascinating and wonderful, and very lesson-full for myself as well. As I am not just writing up Articles by myself, but write whatever Michael says as he helps in DETAILED Guidance, I learn from the information he tells me and remember things as well.

Often, I do write things, truths, historical details, that only come up as Michael knows and guides me LIVE DURING WRITING/CHANNELING these Articles for the Blog here to Reference Links and more that shock me. I do not look up things, and then think, and then “formulate” things in my Brain, it just comes from the Soul Memory, akashic inner Guidance often.

So, this detail I found out yesterday as me and Michael were diving even deeper into the whole…

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