TWIN FLAME AKASHIC MEMORIES: Planet Earth- Water-Pangea & Ancient Egyptian Correlations *Special Starlight Series Article* © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

A few weeks ago, I had watched a TV Documentary about Science, as I always loved doing that. And then, something strange came up:

They said, that this Planet Earth, was once Planet “Water”, meaning covered with water and that some high altitude mountain plates in South America were once a coastal riff.

Michael sat next to me and said immediately all kinds of things, about that I should remember the ancient Egyptian same Science, but theories channeled from others in Spirit, ascended and able to view things beyond space AND TIME-LINES.

The Ancient Egyptians had a “Creation Myth” that was exactly surrounding this whole Water Source Womb focus, and literally Scientists today pick that up again and say, everything and all Life, came out of the water that once covered the whole Planet almost.

Here is a link for confirmation and more information:

Early Earth ‘was covered…

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