Michael Jackson & Twin Soul Re-Defining HALLOWEEN as THRILLER NIGHT (Archangel Michael´s Soul Judgement Night) © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

We are nearing the Weekend, and I and Mike have been doing lots of Magic Focus and Spiritual Energy Transmissions for Planet Earth the past few Days.

This Article is part of the THRILLER-HALLOWEEN SERIES ©, for all October 2015 again, culminating on the 31st October (Halloween/Samhain). As you know, we want to re-define Halloween Eve complete, and transform it into “Archangel Michael’s Soul Judgement Night”- similar to Christmas, where Santa Clause supposedly brings presents to the “good kids” and none or much less to the “bad kids”. Of course, what we are doing is FOUNDED IN SPIRITUAL REALITY- Archangel Michael IS the enforced and judge over Souls doing that job for God, and battles the Devil (see famous Archangel Michael slaying the Devil Poses in Statues and Sculptures!).

So, the new name for now I would like to hear feedback from you on as well…

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