The Twin-Light Zone: About Karma… © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official

Archangel Michael 777

The Twin-Light Zone: About Karma... © Michael Jackson TwinFlame Soul Official Ram/ Sita Michael Jackson Susan Elsa Twin Light Zone Article About Karma

Dear Readers

This is an Article, about “Karma Science” and Karmic laws, teachings and what the actual term “Karma” means to begin with.

We have Nivi Ranjani contributing today as a special Guest Author as well!

This came up yesterday, as I was talking with a friend regarding her Twin Soul, and Michael stepped in to let me know certain things to tell her and protect her, from a chaotic influence by another male person. Michael was being very serious, and very gentle at the same time, signaling first things with his facial expression to me, then speaking very clear and strong on details from this other Friend´s life, advice for her he was giving, and then this subject came up, parallel on TV, by some Comedian I noticed that moment making a stand up joke about “Karma”.

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