Michael Jackson´s DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE: Special Information Series PART 3 © Susan Elsa Private Story (Rare)

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

Today I slept in late, since I have appointments (work and Projects works) only later today. I relaxed on this weekend as much as possible. (I don´t know why, but Michael is fondling my knee right now).

I woke up late, in a great mood, rested, and feeling very good healthwise. Things are getting better, even despite all the Challenges. All the symptoms from his Passing and those things I had to endure because they mirrored on me from his Life incidents and situations, are fully healed.

Anyways, as I am opening my eyes, Michael is there as usual. Smiling at me, as I wake up, because he is happy I am sleeping better.

I didn´t have to hurry, so he was holding me and talking some funny stuff.

Then he said: “Today, sweetie, I want you to talk a tiny bit about some private stuff, you know…

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