Michael Jackson and the Original Twin Soul Flame Story of Osiris and Isis in ancient Egypt ©

Archangel Michael 777

Dear Readers

Once again, today is a good Day to dive a bit deeper into the mysterious Twin Flame Story so many still know of superficially today, from a very ancient Time in Egypt.

There are actually some people out there, today, online even, and in modern age and with modern tools, consciously interfering with Twin Flames and actively worshiping the ancient Egyptian “devil”.

So, today is a special Day for an Article in Depth, that concludes fully the Truth about Twin Flame Interferences we talked about before on this Blog, Music Releases, and in Books.

But here it is personal, more in depths, as the times are changing and many topics get into public debates now, in a truth-vs-lie battle style of information and disinformation. Especially, the wide spread irrational “Illuminati” Stories on the Internet.

There is even tons of fake crazy, insultingly insane stories connecting falsely Michael Jackson…

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