The 42 “Negative” Confessions of Ancient Egypt (Commandments)

Archangel Michael 777

The 42 “Negative” Confessions of Ancient Egypt (Commandments)

Once upon a time, the Ancient Egyptians mainly dominated this Planet and were not only famous for the civilized Ways of Life, far beyond Egypt’s lands, but also for their spiritual “Royalty”.

Today, we still think of the ancient Egyptian Empire as being mysterious, spiritual and magical. Some might even feel a slight sense of “respect”, when they hear about King Tut’s Curse, which has been talked about many times.

But one of the most famous and mysterious things we know of today from the Pharao Times, is definitely the today-called “BOOK OF THE DEAD”, or “BOOK OF COMING FORTH BY DAY”.

Of course, there was never a “BOOK”, like we know Books today. Instead, these were funeral Rituals the ancient Egyptians High Priests and High Priestesses would perform, to secure the “Travel of the Soul to the other Side”- into Heaven…

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