Michael Jackson Ghost: About False Claims about Spiritual Contact and Messages

Archangel Michael 777

Very strange…now what is that? (Screen Shots below)

Take a look people, these frauds and liars won´t be able to hide much longer, we will expose them all. Stop lying about Michael Jackson´s Soul and spread Misinformation on me, his Twin Soul and what we do here, this is our Privacy and our Soul´s Rights. They try EVERYTHING to cover up the truth about Michael Jackson, the beautiful and innocent truth. They try to focus abusive behaviour and defamation, lies on his family now and loved Ones.

MJ Fans, be careful what Sources Online you put your trust in, you have no idea who is behind those people. Remember Michael´s own words about Show Business and to which lengths he had to go to protect his privacy…and don´t forget: Michael is right here and his Twin Soul happens to be the ancient Egyptian Queen of Magic, especially Communication and Cooperation…

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