Dear Readers and potential future Students of our TWIN EYE Mystery Schools

This is a very special Article today, and for us here, also like a bit of a celebration/party. The story behind this magical, channeling Concept for Music & Sound is very unique and interesting.

April 14th 2010: ONE LOVE- Debut Release of Spiritual Pop 777 by Susan Elsa on her Birthday ©

April 14th 2010: ONE LOVE- Debut Release of Spiritual Pop 777 by Susan Elsa on her Birthday ©

The first “baby steps” with this new Creation/Birth we took on my own Birthday, April 14th 2010, based on a private background Story between me and Michael Jackson. He had told me, that “April 14th 2010 was a beautiful, magical Day he remembers” and that he began officially recording his legendary Album THRILLER – the very Day I was being born into this World. He then channeled to me this Song as a Birthday Gift to me from him. And I released it in raw Demo Form, as it is, from the channeled session. It took around 10 Minutes to be channeled/written and composed.

The true Music & Sound is not created here on Earth by us. Sure, we MANIFEST/CHANNEL it. But the IDEA COMES FROM ABOVE. This is what Spiritual Pop 777 really is: A real Cooperation in Productions between HEAVEN & EARTH!

Official Promo Image of Susan Elsa's I REMEMBER Spiritual Pop Alum

Official Promo Image of Susan Elsa’s I REMEMBER Spiritual Pop Alum ©

All that, as stated in our Promo´s- were BABY STEPS THAT OUR NEW MUSIC GENRE “SPIRITUAL POP 777” TOOK.

It followed “ARCHANGEL MICHAEL- Secrets of Heaven 777” – that unfortunately didn´t become a full, produced Album based on hacking attacks on our Label in the Summer of 2010. So we were forced to release immediately 4 of the Demo´s to protect the Idea, Message and Work. More will come in the Future- Archangel Michael did NOT LIKE those hacking attacks.

After that, we traveled to Egypt and did apply there the spiritual concept behind this New Music Genre in original Temples. All the Album of “I REMEMBER” was channeled with Michael Jackson and the Focus was not the “simple hooks and pop selling strategies”- but real channeled spiritual energy integrated into Sound- just like we used to do Music in Ancient Egypt- and it was like an IsIs Spell Music. I focused strongly on Images while channeling there and singing, of “Egypt and Egyptians standing up and taking their Country back and making it wonderful, powerful again like it once was”. That was the basic thought, and I kept throughout the WHOLE ALBUM PRODUCTIONS for 3 Weeks, focusing over and over on that and putting my IsIs Knowledge to the Test. I was interested to see, what Michael had in mind, and if I really still GOT THE MAGIC.

Do I have to say anything more, than that this was in November 2010 and the Album was released in December 2010? ©

Never underestimate the power of Love…IsIs is back to demand Respect for herself and Osiris (Michael Jackson)…

OSIRIS UN-NEFER (The MJ Twin Soul Half Song- Past Life) ©


Listen to the exact Lyrics that were not written and then sung, but directly just in a freestyle-modus- NO PEN NO PAPER RHYME- recorded into the Mic at original Temples: (background noises based on that)

OSIRIS & ISIS - Dec 12th 2010 © Official CD Cover

OSIRIS & ISIS – Dec 12th 2010 © Official CD Cover ©


This is about the message in the channeled songs of Egypt, because the way I sing in a few layers sometimes, makes it for some people, chaotic to understand. I do have to channel it though with pure and strong energies to manifest magic through the vibes of music. I have done so for the following most important song of this album named after me: IsIs

Did you know that I resurrected Osiris back, then, through a song I sang for him? I used my memory and skills of magic to give a “motivational input energy” to Egypt’s people to awaken their inner power and heal Egypt slowly but surely.

Here is the coded announcement for the nearing changes through IsIs magic, published before the Egyptian revolution took place shortly after, starting within a few days after recording this song on Egypt’s land spinning my famous Magic:

The IsIs Song Published 12-12-2010

Intro Magic Mantra:

IsIs, Osiris, Horus IsIs, Osiris, Horus (Repeat mantra)

(The Egyptian Resurrection 2010) Into your mind 2010
IsIs, Osiris, Horus
IsIs, Osiris, Horus

(Revive Music)

Verse 1
There was a time
A while ago
We all were one
We had a bright soul

We made Music that was so alive
We understood the difference between the colors of the light The body and the mind

Is Is
Back into the World Reviving Music from down Up to the Heavens

Verse 2
Sometimes you gotta understand
Life is a mystery
Sometimes you gotta do something
To wake up your mind, your light inside

IsIs is handing you the key to your life You better take that chance
Open up your light
Be alive!

(That’s right)

She loved Osiris so much IsIs is back to revive
The Soul of Music 2010

The Egyptian Resurrection Grabbing you right Showing you right
That IsIs is is back

Back into your mind
And I’ll show you the light of my mind (Let’s be one)

Ritual IsIs Magic Chant:

Listen to this Ritual Chant I’m singing with my soul I’m looking toward the sun I’m starting the ritual of the Egyptian Resurrection

Of Music

(2010, 2011, 2012)
I am Light
I am Love
(We are here)
I got the power in my hand (IsIs is is)

Double Chant:
Osiris, Horus, IsIs
We are one
Osiris, Horus, IsIs, Amun Ra (Worldwide, worldwide, Amun Ra!)

Final Chorus:
IsIs is is back
Into your mind
With the power of Osiris Backing her

In the fight for the revival Of Music

2010, 2011, 2012
IsIs and Osiris are back To revive Music
With the Power of the Egyptian Resurrection

Needless to say, that after I released this powerful energy, I used these songs to manifest it. Egypt’s people got up and flooded the streets backed by the real IsIs. It took only a few weeks and the old system was removed all of a sudden. The healing now is being interfered with by malicious, power greedy people who have not the best interest of the people at heart, but the healing will take place maybe slowly but surely, guaranteed by Archangel Michael and God. Have my faith, my beloved Egyptians, keep the faith! God is helping us!

As I was preparing this book, focusing on Michael’s input and spending lots of quality time in 2012, I suddenly had people commenting on this very IsIs YouTube video in which I added as an intro, the report

videotaped of me arriving there and finding a “welcome sign” with this big bus named “Archangel Michael.” People who are studying and living the ancient Egyptian way mentioning being connected and initiated into Osiris’ energy were then asking me if Osiris is Archangel Michael himself.

I could not believe how Michael influences so many people, strangers around the globe to be “tuned into our message coming.” Just like he said he would do, he did. That is to anyone who ever really knew him, typical Michael. He likes to make sure with all he can, that things go his way, and if he wants to state something, he prepares the message well and says it without any mistakes possible. Michael is convincing.

I REMEMBER by Susan Elsa © Official Promo Images from Winter 2010 at the Abu Simbel Temple of Nefertiti near Aswan

I REMEMBER by Susan Elsa © Official Promo Images from Winter 2010 at the Abu Simbel Temple of Nefertiti near Aswan

Okay, so by now you should have a pretty good introductory overview on what this Spiritual Pop 777 Genre & Concept is.

It is channeled energy-spell Music-spiritual Healing & Archangel Michael Exorcism energies-a Concept based on the original Knowledge of the IsIs & Osiris Mystery Schools and ancient Egyptian spiritual SECRET Knowledge.

It has nothing to do with Fame & TV or walking around naked like today´s so-called “Artists”. It does not rely on the Pop-Culture, but is a Pop Concept. Real Spells do not need any awareness of people to WORK OUT & MANIFEST.

It´s a revolution in Music and it began by demonstrating the Concept in Egypt´s Lands. Soon you all can learn and study with us in our Virtual TWIN EYE Mystery Schools, because next, we are going to resurrect the ancient original Schools.

IsIs Is Is back…



The Virtual Mystery Garden


    • You misunderstood I am not claiming to be Michaels twin and that was blown way out no my twin souls another I did not mean that..also I did not mean to be interpreted as rude but how you responded was rude as well.
      Twin souls are sacred as such they will always only be two and every twin soul knows this.
      You so quickly jump to defense my native tongue isn’t English and maybe you should work on grace as Michael knows me I’ve known him in person and I’m telling you now I know he wouldn’t respond so volatile.
      Ask him about the girl who was with his mother on his birthday.ask him if he knows her.outside his childhood home where they held a show I was present.
      Years of knowing..
      I don’t come here to attack you in fact I wanted to give you support and love as I support Michael.he knows my heart..maybe people have been cruel to you but I wasn’t trying to be.

      As for the wrong done to you I am not to blame and I would never do such a thing to any being because victory at that cost is not worth it.

  1. I deleted the open, honest comment in which I had openly shared what Michael said, I also said he is not angry and know you mean well, still, how word choice is and how you talk to others in a sensitive situation, NOT KNOWING THEM, is totally other topic. Obviously that went in this ear and out the other ear, but as I said, I am not going to ruin the energy of this original Article, because you wanna discuss my and Michaels relationship to each other. It angers me extremely, that you do this on THIS Article, about our Label, Brand, and WORK- while Economic Espionage is done to our Computers via illegal Hacking & Spying.

    I wrote this Article to speak on BUSINESS- not argue with People about MY SOUL. That always makes me angry. I am sensitive about Mike, a lot. Nothing makes me angrier than watching how they keep spreading Lies about him and ….so many Lies and Manipulations going on.

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