How Karate helped me develop Courage towards Bullies at School © Book Excerpt “Archangel Michael´s Wedding” © by Susan Elsa

Archangel Michael 777

“Around the age of 10, I then was moving from fourth to fifth primary class and with a new teacher. We were her very first class and she was young and seemed at the evening for parents to introduce herself in a nice and friendly manner. I, as well, was moved to her new class.  It started well. I had hope. In the meantime, parallel, beginning in fourth primary, I had started to go to Karate training. It helped my self-confidence a lot, and less and less I would allow people to bully me or physically push me or try to hit me, and similar attacks.

The new teacher disappointed me extremely. Suddenly, direct mobbing from her started against me. I remember one time we sat in a circle in the front of the class room and sang a song. She kept staring at me, like she is my age…

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