THE PRAYER OF COMPASSION- “Twin Eye” Mystery School Teachings

Dear Readers

This time, we come with a special prayer. We call it “Prayer of Compassion”. It includes wishes of:


– Compassion

– Gratitude

– Love

– Unity


When you want to perform a Prayer of Compassion for someone, you simply think about the person and really focus on your heart chakra, your love for this person. This inner feeling, that wishes them well and is happy at the thought of seeing them HAPPY. And then, send out this love and ask God to support it and protect it, and make this person X or Y feel LOVED AND EMBRACED BY LOVE.

Same goes for Gratitude Prayers. It can always be combined with a Compassion Prayer, because when you GIVE, you can give more if you feel thankful for what you have since it makes it grow.

To be grateful, to thank God, to tell God also that YOU LOVE GOD, and not just always expect love from God, is a wonderful thing.

Tell God that you love him. Thank God for making you and making possible all experiences you have. Your birth. Thank God for your family and your friends and lovers.

Simple as that. Not many people do this, I mean really do this and mean this, without expecting anything. Some pray only when they are desperate and need something, want this or that.

But in my personal experience, the best prayer is always when you don´t need anything and all goes right. To feel thankful and joyful toward God and enjoy those moments.

That is the Gratitude Prayer which strengthens your connection to God.

Your IsIs

Official “Twin Eye” Mystery Schools Teachings


This Text may be shared and distributed with Credit to Susan Elsa/IsIs as the Author and the full text only.

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